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  • 192 weeks
    That one song...

    That gives you enough good vibes to get through the school day

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  • 193 weeks
    Love is...

    When you're in a lot of physical pain, but the thought of that person helps you think straight.

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  • 198 weeks
    Damn. Beautiful

    'Waiting is the harder option, but the thought of her smile makes me want to go through anything just to eventually be with her.'

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  • 198 weeks
    I love how much he loves her.

    A dude I know has to wait for his girlfriend and I asked him how he does it, how he copes with waiting.
    He said:
    Each day I'm one step closer. That's what keeps me going.


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  • 199 weeks
    My dream may seem far fetched.

    But I don't care, I don't care that others doubt me. I'm not gonna sit and complain that it's unachievable. I'm doing my best and keeping all the hope in the world that one day the dream will come true.
    If I fail, I know I tried. If I get it, I know I earned it.

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Happy Dia De Los Muertos! · 5:52pm Nov 2nd, 2014

November 1st and 2nd has been a Dia De Los Muertos festival in my town here in Mexico! It's been very grand, right after Halloween, right after getting all that candy and getting stomach aches, you can't forget about Dia De Los Muertos.

It is a Hispanic/Spanish holiday celebrated to honor the dead, and respect all the saints, it is a day to remember all of your dead family/friends that are dead, and hold them in your hearts.

It was first celebrated during a Aztec celebration, to honor one of their goddesses, Mictecaihuatl, goddess of the dead, and the underworld.

Mexicans did not start celebrated the Day Of The Dead until the 20th century.

Enjoy the last day of this holiday, whoever of you who live in Spanish places, or if you don't live anywhere near a place that celebrates this holiday, I hope I have introduced you to a wonderful new holiday..

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Learned about it in Spanish class. Day of the Dead.

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