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I just write whatever pops in my head.

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This is a blog post · 2:19am Oct 3rd, 2014

I'm never sure what to do with this blog thingy. I'm supposed to just, like, post whatever? Does anyone actually read this stuff? I guess I'll just blab some stuff about writing.

Right now I'm working on 2 stories, Apple Family Business and a HiE fic. I not a prolific writer. I get a little done here, a little there. I was stuck a bit on AFB; I know how I want it to end, I just had to figure out how to get there. But I think I'm over that hump now. Now if I can just get better about resisting the siren call of my games.... The HiE fic is the one mentioned in my to-do list. Its a human-working-for-Discord type. So, villainous human, but more comedic than dark. We'll see if I can keep my promise of never publishing it.

I got other ideas kicking around in my head. I'm just trying to keep from having too many projects at once.

I'm toying with a sequel to Macinplums. Since that story is plays the human x pony romance trope straight, I'd like to do something different if I do a sequel. One thing I think would be fun... Imagine you're in a typical human/pony situation. Things are pretty serious. In a lot of these stories, the human has no way to contact Earth. But what if that changed? What if... you had to face telling your loved ones about your pony S.O.? Wouldn't that be horribly awkward? Can you imagine yourself in that situation? I think there's a lot of comedic potential there.

Also on my list is to do a certain kind of fic. You know, the kind that rhymes with flop. I don't know if I can say it in a blog post. Anyway, I will get that out of the way when I feel ready. Got a couple jugs of bleach next to my bathtub, a metal bucket and lighter fluid for burning the clothes I wear while i write it, and $100 to send to a televangelist so he can put in a good word for me. I'm almost all set.

All my other ideas are pretty much just seeds. Well, there's one more I've thought of, but I'm not sure if I'll write it. Its very easy to write a story like this badly. It involves a pony society with very different morals than Equestria, and the main 6 interacting with them. The conflict is more philosophical/psychological. Here's a little bit from my noggin.

"We have guests, my subjects." Heartsflame waved a hoof at Twilight and her friends. "They are here to observe us. And we will will show them what we do!" She leaped onto a nearby awning. "What are we doing?"

"Working!" the crowd shouted.

"How do we spend our days?"


"Tell them!"


"Now let's tell them what we're working for!"

"Wor-king!" the crowd repeated, but now as more of a chant.

Heartflame raised a hoof. "To weed out the wicked!" She leaped onto the keep's wall.


She swept her hoof across the crowd. "To punish the guilty!" A bit of spittle flew from her lips.


"For a final solution to oppression and pain!" Several more jumps placed her on a balcony. She looked down on the assembled ponies.

"Do you want to see a world free of bullies and abusers?"

"Yes!" was the answer.

"A world where good flourishes and evil is crushed?"


"A world where those who made you suffer will answer for their crimes?"


From the balcony, Heartflame raved about the justice she and her followers would bring to the world. He voice raised until it was a screech. Her eyes widened, and the flaming glow of her horn gave her face a glow like a spawn of Tarterus. Twilight and her friends paled at the brutality of her words. The crowd, though, eagerly soaked up her words, basking in the shared revenge fantasy she offered...

Well, I guess that's it. That's the blog post. I hope it is an acceptable example of one. I wonder if anyone actually reads this stuff.

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