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  • 355 weeks

    New chapter of ATLAS Corporation is delayed to next wensday because I'll be busy playing The Order 1886 and Dead or Alive Last Round on my PS4 also the theme of the chapter relates to this.

    I'll c u guys later. Thx for following me and patience is appreciated.

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  • 356 weeks
    Saturday Redemption

    This saturday I will take the better of my time to update ATLAS Corporation after I play some domination and rape more little kids with my HBR and BAL27 so Just wait for the suprises!

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  • 360 weeks
    New clopfic under the works

    So after much debate and looking throughout XNXX, I had decided to leave HUNK to rest and a new Humanized clopfic is about my OC Silverflank and his aunt Mrs. Cupcake. The story will be about how Silverflank failed to rob his aunt in the middle of the night and how Mrs. Cupcake dissapointed with her husbands endurance to please her works out a deal in which both can get some form of satisfaction

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  • 361 weeks
    The Evil Within Us

    HUNK has been lost his innocence and will to rebel and with so much suppressed thoughts he is named as the perfect mercenary who follow his owner like a dog. However in a recent turn of events he falls to Equestria to hopefully find redemption and true longing for love and acceptance before it kills him.

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  • 364 weeks
    Till next week... Must Finish Pagan Min and Twelfth Night

    So thx for reading my stories I appreciate some that some enjoy and not critize by the cover of the content...cough cought Slutty Caramel Apples.. WTF is yur problem people isnt that wat u want another human on pony lovin! Anyway while I am crashing through Kyrat on my Elephant and reclaiming the nation for the Golden Path and slaughtering Pagan Mins forces I need to also focus on a paper about

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I may or may not be a Brony · 4:22am Sep 12th, 2014

Its been months that I have not updated anything about Hunks dark descend into Chaos and the destinies to come, recently I lost almost all interest in the fandom and with school, bills and loans go worry I fear I may never get to complete my final goal to write a good enough story in reaching to the top under My little dashie. So I want to go out with bang and I urge all my followers or anybody interested to help me finish the story and when I am gone at least I left my marl in this world of My Little Pony because once I'm gone, I'm gone. Email me at alexisdaftpunk@gmail.com

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