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  • 204 weeks
    A New Turning Point. Hope I can count on the community's support.

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a Writer and Artist that have been a member of this sight for a number of years now.

    I have ghost written and co-wrote a number of stories but now I think it is time I take a more forward spot on the stage.

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  • 248 weeks
    Spike just can't win

    Did anyone notice that in the latest Episode when Spike was all happy about solving the Friendship Problem Starlight had to come over and shit all over what he did. I mean man can the guy catch a break. They pretty much wrote Sparity out of reality and now he barely gets a episode anymore. Which when he does get one he is acting like a loon and having someone shit all over his bit moment. It is

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  • 405 weeks
    This is My Little Pony

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  • 405 weeks
    Spike is a DRAGON!!!

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  • 412 weeks
    Great News!!!!

    I am finally getting some time off tomorrow. So I will be able to pick back up and start writing again!!! I am missed telling you all of the tales of our favorite purple dog. I hope I will have the next chapter before the week is out with artwork. I have to also tell you all that I am sorry for the wait for a update, I have been working everyday for the past few weeks and have been just too

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This is My Little Pony · 11:45pm Aug 20th, 2014

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And where have YOU been? :trixieshiftright:

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