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Waking Night Trailer/"EMV" #1 · 5:17am Aug 14th, 2014

Hey, guys. This is just something I did for fun, because I love listening to music and attaching it to various scenes for my stories, but a lot of the time, it's for things where the story doesn't exist yet anywhere but in my head, or isn't in a context that would be suited to inclusion in a fic. I certainly can't post them as fics in their own right, so I figured what the heck, I'll blog 'em. So here we go, the first EMV, or "Eclipseverse Music Video", with the music and lyrics taken from the second-season theme song for RWBY.


Lt. Sparkle sits alone beside a campfire, wearing nothing but a pair of saddlebags as she pushes a Mare-Do-Well costume into the flame. She grits her teeth and clenches her eyes shut as tears well up and start to overflow. A single drop falls from her cheek, and the camera zooms in on it as it falls. Reflected in the teardrop is a grainy, flickering vision of the sun and moon hanging in the sky.

The two celestial bodies draw closer and closer to one another until the moon completely blocks out the sun. The sky around the eclipse turns blood-red as an inky shadow spreads across the moon's surface in the shape of a black alicorn. Once the image forms, the shadow alicorn's eye gleams and the camera pulls out again as the now-crimson drop falls onto the blade of a golden dagger sitting beside Twilight.

There's a point where it tips
There's a point where it breaks
There's a point where it bends
And a point we just can't take

Twilight picks the dagger up in her magic and stares at it until she's surprised by a white hoof reaching out to take her shoulder. She turns to look, and sees Rarity reaching out to comfort her, with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkamena and Fluttershy all standing nearby. Twilight brings a hoof up to her face to wipe the tears from her eyes, and the scene transitions to the six of them running through the Everfree forest while the eclipse hangs overhead.

There's a line that we'll cross
And there's no return
There's a time and a place
No bridges left to burn

While the six mares run, the view follows their path and rushes ahead to the ruins of an ancient castle, where a black cloud hovers over the courtyard. From out of the cloud, Lady Moonshadow, a green pegasus mare with a black-and-red mane drops to the ground. She is followed by Mesmer Eyes, an almost emaciated purple unicorn stallion with a green mane and slitted pupils in his yellow eyes, and Blue Rose, a blue earth pony mare with a demented smile and a pink-and-white mane tied back in a long braid.

Moonshadow grins, revealing a mouth full of sharp, predatory fangs as she spreads her wings, and the cloud above coalesces behind her into the form of the pitch-black alicorn seen briefly in the moon's shadow.

We can't just wait with lives at stake
Until they think we're ready
Our enemies are gathering
The storm is growing deadly

The black alicorn opens a glowing eye, and the flash consumes the whole screen before a series of images of the Mane 6 begin to pass by, each one transitioning into each other like colored sand being blown by the wind from one flashback into the next.

Pinkamena stands behind a set of bongo drums as she recites poetry, but the the drums blow away and the color of flame surrounds her as her expressionless face becomes more terrified and urgently shouting.

Fluttershy dances on a stage beside Iron Will, until the scene changes and she is running away while Will tries to fight off several bat-winged and red-eyed batponies rabidly swarming around him.

Rarity stands in the streets of Canterlot beside several other ponies, all looking up at Princess Celestia standing on her royal balcony, but darkness sweeps over the scene and she flees from a black cloud that fills the streets, consuming the ponies who aren't fast enough to escape.

Rainbow Dash sits in a forest clearing, tending to the injured paw of a large bear. When it changes, she is narrowly avoiding being clawed at by the same bear, whose eyes are now empty black pits.

Applejack walks up the road to Sweet Apple Acres, daydreaming about being reunited with Granny Smith, Bic Mac and Apple Bloom. The images changes to her running away with tears in her eyes, however, and her imagination turns to a vision of herself cradling an unconscious Apple Bloom in her forelegs with an utterly distraught Granny and Big Mac by her side.

Now it's time to say goodbye
To the things we loved
And the innocence of youth
How the time seemed to fly
From our carefree lives
And the solitude and peace we always knew

The last image of the six shows Twilight in full Royal Guard armor, standing at attention, but rather than shifting into another still shot, it instead transitions into frenetic motion as, no longer wearing any armor or clothing, she charges into a group of red-eyed vampire batponies, using teleportation and quick strikes from unexpected angles to throw them off-balance. This is followed by the others catching up to her and taking advantage of the distraction to knock the batponies down without slowing their pace.

There's a day when we'll fight
And we're not gonna fall
There's a day when we'll stand
And a day when we won't crawl

Ahead of them, the sleeping form of Princess Luna lays reclined on a bed in the middle of a large stone chamber, her resting place illuminated by a shaft of moonlight shining down on her. Moonshadow, Mesmer Eyes and Blue Rose approach the sleeping princess, but stop and turn when the Mane 6 break through the batponies. Moonshadow gestures with her head toward the six, and the other two meet their charge.

The Mane 6 throw themselves into a frantic melee against the vamponies. Thorny vines with blue blossoms erupt from Blue Rose's body, lashing out at the ponies like whips. Fluttershy helps Rarity and Applejack avoid them by picking them up and flying over the vines while Rainbow Dash somersaults over one and slides under another in order to get close enough that a flick of her wing hits her in the face with green dust, temporarily blinding her.

There's a moment in time
And there's no going back
When we're pushed too hard
And we won't hold our attack

Twilight takes advantage of Blue Rose's disorientation to brace herself and charge her horn to let loose a magic bolt, but she gets knocked away by a blast of magic from Mesmer Eyes. The vampony unicorn smirks, seemingly unaware of Pinkamena coming up behind him to tackle him, but her body simply passes through his own as it evaporates, revealing the image to be nothing more than an illusion. Dozens of copies of Mesmer Eyes then begin popping into existence around her.

At the same time, Fluttershy bobs and weaves in the air while Moonshadow uses her wings to hurl balls of pitch-black cloud at the other pegasus. Fluttershy gets hit in the face with one of these projectiles, blinding her. nevertheless, she spins around and throws Applejack and Rarity in Moonshadow's direction. Moonshadow lobs another ball of black cloud at Rarity when the unicorn lands. Instead of being blinded, though, Rarity is able to catch the cloudmass on her horn, and sends it flying back at Moonshadow. The vampony pegasus is caught by surprise, but still brings a wing up to block Applejack's attempt to capitalize on it by striking her while she's off-guard.

We can't just cling to childish things
As evil just grows closer
Every pony's in jeopardy
This fight is far from over

The Mane 6 get backed up by the vamponies, the six of them protectively surrounding the sleeping Luna as a large number of vampire batponies join their superiors in surrounding the mares. At the same time, the black alicorn from before stalks toward them with dark wings outstretched. Despite being so thoroughly outnumbered, the six mares look at one another and nod resolutely before charging as one toward the black alicorn.

Now it's time to say goodbye
To the things we loved
And the innocence of youth
How the time seemed to fly
From our carefree lives
And the solitude and peace we always knew

Their enemy rears up and flaps its immense wings, sending a wave of darkness rolling toward the Mane 6.

Cut to black.

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This. Is. Beautiful!

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us, Mr/Mrs. Magnon!


Mister, actually, but thank you for the kind words. :twilightsmile:

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