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Isaac Hunter's Skills and magic · 9:27pm Jul 27th, 2014

Isaac Hunter is my main OC and being a unicorn he naturally has access to a lot of magical powers...however I've decided to write down what magic he would have given his canon, what do I mean by canon?

Well Isaac has many paths he could take, mostly thanks to his connection to Sombra, so I've decided to classify what magic he would have depending on the situation. Keep in mind spells I am not adding are simple spells that nearly any unicorn can do like leviation and light spells

Note in all canons Isaac has a large well spring of magic, basically making him a magic battery as it were

Canon 1. Never knowing about his past/unlocking the darkness: Meaning Isaac never finds out about having Sombra's blood line or he never is able to unlock the darkness or even he finds out and Celestia seals it away (either by force or by request depending on whatever story) he loses access to a lot of power naturally, All Spells in Canon 1 can be used in nearly all Canons

Canon 2, Finding out about the past and unlocking the darkness: Thanks to him releasing the shadows in his mind he learns new spells thanks to seeing the magical memories of Sombra in his blood, to him its like seeing a flash of insight and understanding the knowledge to do things, he achieves the skill to use magic without using his horn as a focus rather using his own body as a magical focus, meaning no flash and good for surprise attack, however it only works on spells that he learned through the memories and he can not use those spells without doing it like this. either way doing spells like this burns a lot more magic and too much is dangerous

Canon 2A, Unlocking the Darkness and over coming it: Isaac realizes darkness isn't always evil (See Luna) and uses the powers for good, he doesn't learn the more powerful spells but he doesn't lose control as often, tends to use the spells to pacify or capture rather then kill

Canon 2B, Unlocking the Darkness and embracing it: Isaac's mind falls to the temptation of Sombra's will and becomes the second Sombra, he becomes crueler and far more dangerous using spells to not only maim but kill opponents, note all spells from Canon 2A can be used in this canon

Theses are the main canons, naturally these are subject to change, now for the spells

Spells used in Canon 1:
Standard magic

Fire Magic: He is skilled in making fire balls or orbs, mostly for intimidation

Magic Flash: Isaac for defense has enhanced his light spell to cause a split second flash spell to blind opponents, he also can do it in different colors, haven't found a reason to use it like that but hey never know

Enhanced Muscles: Isaac used his magic to enhance his muscles for a short period of time, giving him more speed and power, using it too much as he found out the hard way can put too much strain on him and can possibly destroy his muscles

Tracking Spells: He has some skill in tracking spells, however the range is half a mile at most on a good day

Skills: Varied Knowledge, Isaac is a genius when it come knowledge, be it from the past, languages or current events and so on. He seems to be a walking encyclopedia, however one weakness he has is math...never could get that done well much to his shame, he also is able to speak and read ancient pony language, although he fully understands Unicorn's ancient tongue the other tribal languages are harder for him to grasp and will take more time to understand

Music wise: he knows how to play a few wind instruments, his personal favorite being the Ocarina

Martial Arts: He is skilled in ancient unicorn martial arts and sword play and is on the level of what could be called blackbelt

Canon 2A:
Crystal Forming: the magic that becomes his standard his forming magical crystals (light black almost grey in Canon 2A Jet Black in Canon 2B) and the spells differ depending on what he does with them, he can form the crystals both in the air, ground, or even on other ponies

Crystal Collar: To incapacitate an opponent his favorite method is to form a collar of crystal around their neck, and either force them against something solid and meld the crystal to it so they can't move away or to cut off enough air floor that they pass out (and then releasing the collar before they die), simple to do but he has to know where the opponent is to do it, naturally he can do this for wrists and ankles

Crystal Blade: when he gained the powers of crystals he started forming a blade as his personal weapon, the blade is far stronger then normal metals (thanks to being magically enhanced as well) and if he loses it he can form another one just as quick, however if he runs out of magic the magic holding the blade together stops and the blade will shatter or at best be normal crystal weaker then normal metal

Crystal Shards: Isaac learns how to form and levitate crystal shards launching them at the speed of a crossbow bolt, in canon 2A he aims to pin opponents to solid objects or knock weapons out, canon 2B pinning parts to the wall or aiming to kill. Also a popular way he intimidates an opponent, launching a crystal past their cheek slightly cutting it, he has total control of the crystal and can even stop it millimeters away from their eyes without harming them

Crystal Wall: Isaac by burning a lot of magic can form a wall of crystal that is magical enhanced, making it harder to break through, can be used for defense or for keeping people from running off, if he runs out of magic the wall will shatter or be weak enough to shatter by force\

Crystal Tracking: He has the power to form a crystal with a drop of blood inside and use it like a floating compass to track somepony....it only points to direction and has no indication of distance but the limit he can track in Canon 2A is around a mile and a half, 2B is 3 miles. He can however track blood relatives without a blood drop however in most canons this is usually his daughter.

Canon 2B:

Nightmare: A spell that while Isaac in Canon 2A has access too he doesn't not use because of what it can do, the spell itself was a way for Sombra to control his people by forcing an illusion into the targets mind forcing them to face their greatest fears over and over again, used mostly to get information but also to leave an enemy to "die" over and over in their mind and soon die in real life unable to nourish themselves

1000 Needles of Death: While never named it is called this because Isaac summoned well over 1000 tiny shards of crystal and then launches them at higher speeds aiming to kill, he uses this move to eliminate enemies

Death From Within: It is implied Isaac can summon crystals from within a pony, however he never have done it, but it is a threat the dark Isaac likes to do...if he can it would take a lot of concentration and magic to bypass the natural magical a barrier all ponies carry within to summon the foreign object in.

(More Data will be added when more is formed)

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