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Fuck my life · 8:40pm Aug 11th, 2014

Seems my computer (note writing this on a Wii U pad) has so many poblems it needs to be wiped

Problem, since my recording software (Camtasia, a 300 bit program) was a yift and past me like the fucking idiot he was didn't save the key code, I don't have a recording program to continue my let's plays, meaning....ugh feel like I want to die...ok I'm cool, but I'm fucking pissed.

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Isaac Hunter's Skills and magic · 9:27pm Jul 27th, 2014

Isaac Hunter is my main OC and being a unicorn he naturally has access to a lot of magical powers...however I've decided to write down what magic he would have given his canon, what do I mean by canon?

Well Isaac has many paths he could take, mostly thanks to his connection to Sombra, so I've decided to classify what magic he would have depending on the situation. Keep in mind spells I am not adding are simple spells that nearly any unicorn can do like leviation and light spells

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First Blog, about me · 4:11pm Mar 18th, 2014

I figure I should post a blog post about me

Names Bren, Bren Tenkage (Obviously not my real name and it is pronounced Ten-Ka-Gay in case you are wondering)

I'm 23, male, autistic, have depression ADHD, and a weird blood disease that if I injest whole iron I'll die (...told ya it was weird) so yeah.

Me I like to see myself as chaotic good, I like to be the good guy but I march to the beat of my drum, thats not to say I can't be evil, but I tend to be Lawful evil of sorts.

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