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Currently 16, from Georgia, and a aspiring historian/ writer

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  • 311 weeks
    Merry Christmas

    Hey everypony, I just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays, and Happy Hearth's Warming Eve. As we all spend time with our families, let us all remember that Christmas is much more than presents and food, its about spreading joy and cheer. Hope ya guys have a wonderful time

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  • 314 weeks
    Happy Thanksgiving

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  • 320 weeks
    Happy Back to the future day!

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  • 343 weeks
    Mother's Day gift

    I'm going to give this to my mom on Mothers' Day, what do y'all think

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  • 344 weeks
    Coming out

    I guess I should just come out and say it: I'm gay. Yup, I like guys. The other day, I finally just gave up on trying to deny it, which I did for OVER A YEAR, and now, well, here I am

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Awesome song · 6:31pm Jul 7th, 2014

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