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Projector was a young, small time filmmaker in the city of Vanhoover, but he no longer makes them.Instead, he delivers movies for the theaters. One day, an old friend offers Projector the chance of a lifetime: to travel to Los Pegasus and finally make the movie he has been desiring to make. Now Projector finds himself in the City of Wings, up against the most powerful stallion in the film industry and must fight for the film of his dreams.

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After of years of patience and work, Rainbow Dash, formerly one of the Elements of Harmony, has joined the ranks of the most prestigious flying team in Equestria: the wonderbolts. Now, after two years of being with them, Dash is now in a relationship with Soarin, and the couple has become one of the most well-known in Equestria.

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Out of all the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sweetie Belle was the best when it came to musical talent and singing potential. Now, 20 years after she got her cutie mark, Sweetie Belle has become well known and famous as a singer. When she receives a letter from a old friend, it sends her into a trip down memory lane and a reunion she'd never expect.

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