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Hello, I am a graphic designer who enjoys MLP. Drawing, writing, and proofreading are the main things I like to share with others.

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  • 192 weeks
    Health Update

    I actually got out of the hospital more than a week ago, but things have been hectic since I've had to catch up on a lot of life stuff, not to mention that my body is still recovering from treatments and such. Nonetheless, I'm slowly getting better, even if I'm feeling super tired and have to go to various doctor appointments about 3 times a week. No idea when I'll be able to get out of my health

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  • 195 weeks
    Health Hiatus

    Hey, guys. Long story short, I got sent to the hospital at the beginning of August due to health complications. I’m fine, but treatment has exhausted me. I’m not sure when I’ll get out, nor when I’ll have the energy to write again, so I’m afraid that I’m going on hiatus. When I do get better, I will resume working on finishing Rainbooms On the Mind, followed by the next bonus chapter for Derpy’s

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  • 205 weeks
    I'm Home

    Hey, guys. I'm back from the hospital, and the bone marrow transplant was a success. I still am recovering as my body adjusts to the new bone marrow, as well as cope with all sorts of meds. I also have to continue going back for doctor visits and other medical procedures 2-3 times a week, but other than that, I'll be staying at home.

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  • 210 weeks
    Another Life Update

    Hey guys. It's been a while since my last blog post, and I've been neglecting updates due to treatments and doctor visits. I'm actually getting ready to be admitted into the hospital again around the 27th, where I'll be doing a bone marrow transplant. The whole process should take about a month, which will be followed by months of frequent doctor visits and checks.

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  • 219 weeks
    Life Update

    Hey, guys. Just want to give out an update from my last about about my hospitalization. After staying in the hospital for about 1.5 months, I was released in the middle of February. However, I still had to visit the hospital for checkups and treatments about 3 times a week, and the routine continues up to now.

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BABScon · 3:53am Apr 14th, 2014

I'm heading off to BABScon this coming weekend, so don't expect much from me during those days.

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