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An alternate account for KnightMysterio, containing almost all his adult-related pony works.

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  • 246 weeks
    Account Closing

    I will be moving Blue Bacchanal and Chaotic Breeding Season to my primary KnightMysterio account. I shouldn't have made a separate account to post these stories. I'm not ashamed of them. I just need to edit them. So yeah. If you've been following this account, please unfollow it, as nothing will be posted to it anymore.

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  • 323 weeks
    My problem...

    ...is that I start too many stories without finishing them. I'm going to try and focus on Waking Nightmares and Magic Lives first, and revisit the others once they're finished. My two stories here are officially on hiatus.

    (I'm also KnightMysterio, for those who have forgotten.)

    Sorry about this, everypony.

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  • 368 weeks
    Chaotic Breeding Season - "Who's the Daddies?" List part 1 has been posted.

    Okay. So for all who are wondering who's carrying who's foals, here's part one of the list, which features who fathered the foals of the Princesses and the female OCs that will be appearing in this story. I'll try to update the list with one part a day until the list is completed.

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  • 368 weeks
    Chaotic Breeding Season updated again

    Chapter three added to this silly little story. Hopefully this clears up the concerns some people had over anatomy issues. If not... eh, I'll figure it out in edits.

    Also! I will post a chart containing who fathered who's foals later today. It will be up on my tumblr, and I will post a blog that links to the update.

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My Alt Account · 3:38am Apr 9th, 2014

Hi. KnightMysterio here.

Decided that if I'm gonna be posting adult stuff like Twilight's Harem, I might as well make an alternate account for it. Anyway, I'm into expansion fetishes, so that's mostly what you'll see here.

If you don't like it, then I will not force you to read it.

If you don't like it but are intrigued by my writing, then I hope you give it a chance.

If you're into such things, then welcome friend.

Anyway. This is the adult stories account of KnightMysterio.

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My body is ready...

Just to say, I'm not sure if that's allowed, and it could get you banned maybe. Tread carefully.

:pinkiehappy: Oh happy day! And NIGHT!

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