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  • 341 weeks
    Steve Wright

    No pain no game.

    No rhymes no moronic generalizations.

    No air intake no smart comments to make.

    No hands free no groin protection.

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  • 363 weeks
    Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks

    The movie was released today and in only selected theaters. One of which was about an hour and I went to go see it, just because. I didn't see the first one In theaters, I did what and financially dependent brony would do and watch it on YouTube. This time I thought I would see Rainbow rocks In theaters, just for kink's. This movie has single handedly become mu favorite thing that is MLP EVER!

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  • 367 weeks
    Theme Songs For Ponies #2

    This one's for Rainbow Dash. This one was difficult, in fact very difficult. I couldn't find a song that truly express Rainbow's headstrong and go to attitude. So, i'm split between 2 songs for her. As such here's the first one:

    Trapt- Headstrong


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  • 371 weeks
    Your Human And You?

    Recently Your Human And You has become quite popular with spinoffs from it. I have to say I feel inspired somewhat to write one. But, I feel that just a normal introverted intelligent human mistaken for a dumb animal isn't really that fun anymore. It's kinda like an overused joke already. The only way for a YHAY story to seem different is basically character wise. I've seen one where it was a

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  • 379 weeks
    Theme Songs for Ponies #1(With PMV)

    I went on a quest to find song that would fit the personality of the Character

    Today's Character: Queen Chrysalis

    Song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

    Why: The name itself kinda fits.

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Apparently, I've had a disease for over 2&1/2 weeks and didn't know · 9:02pm Apr 6th, 2014

I have Lyme Disease......not much else to it. I never noticed it because I've been feeling well enough that I wasn't dying in dispear. Now I have to take Antibiotics every 12 hours, for 7 days. Great....

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Comments ( 7 )

That sucks. I'm sorry.

Holy shoot, lime disease? What state do you live? I'm curious.

1986463 Tennessee

1986498 I'm not turning into a lime. It's a disease most often caused by the bite of w Tick or Mosquito. It can basically fuck with your central nervous system.

1987333 Good thing you're on medication. And try getting something to blows the ticks or mosquitos to hell :)

1987333 oh.

that fucking sucks.

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