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I'm just a fun loving, awesome, Pokéfan, Minecrafting, girl who loves ponies! (This is too much of a cringe relic to change I'm sorry)

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    Regarding the Rewrites

    After reviewing the rules for submission, I've realized my rewrites would be better suited for someplace like Fanfiction.net or Wattpad. Once enough work is done, I will post links to these rewritten stories.

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  • 365 weeks
    Nearly Four Years Later

    Hoooooooo boy. I haven't been on this site in 3 years, haven't published something in more. I apologize for A) My huge hiatus and B) Subjecting you to the cringe of a 10/11 year old me. I'm going to redo my first work to make it not complete garbageWhich may or may not be impossible considering how bad it is..Now that I can take criticism, it should be easier. However, I

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  • 544 weeks
    Let's Get Serious.

    I geuss now you need to know the update schedule. I will try to update once or twice a week. That's about it.

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  • 544 weeks
    It got approved! YAY! YAY! YAY!


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  • 545 weeks
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! A few hours early my time....

    Lets celebrate with some dancing ponies!

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Fingers Crossed! · 4:35am Dec 26th, 2013

I just submitted my first fic, Girls to Mares! It is about me and a couple of friends.. and a few misadventures. :twilightoops: I have my fingers and toes crossed it will pass! Keep yours crossed ,too! :twilightsmile:

Oh and, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you got what you wanted, and maybe more like me!

New Seal! -------> :rainbowkiss::heart::yay::rainbowkiss::heart::yay:

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