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New seaon premier (spoilers) · 2:44am Nov 24th, 2013

So... Season four premier... yeah. And apologies for the mess that you are about to read.

Well, I can't say that I was terribly impressed. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we've seen this story before; same characters, same setting, different details. The whole thing also just seemed a little bit off to me, both visually and in terms of the writing. I did like that they built up on the established lore (finally), rather than just throwing together a new antagonist and revealing something else that we should have heard about earlier (separate pony country? Ancient spirit that once controlled the whole world? Black magic?). I mean, seriously, whatever happened to history? Did Discord eat it, or something? I especially liked Nightmare Moon's transformation, and them showing us how the Elements used to work and where they came from. Giving the major antagonist's some more backstory was good, too. Which kind of brings me to my next point...

How did they manage to cover two of the major antagonists from "one-thousand years ago," but completely missed the third!? And don't give me that "but it was only showing what was important to their current situation" crap. Nightmare Moon had literally nothing to do with this, yet she still gets an appearance and Sombra doesn't!? Come on!

Alright, rant is over, back to review. I do have to give them points for one thing about this episode that I absolutely loved: DISCORD. For everyone that said Discord shouldn't/couldn't be reformed: in your face (no offense)! He's still Discord, baby! It also proves that he is legitimately Chaotic-Good now (once again, for everyone that thought he was going to be evil here. And he was never evil to begin with; he was Chaotic-Neutral.). He's still a massive jerk and he's still chaotic, just more likely to use his "talents" for positive reasons. While I feel like he and Fluttershy should have interacted more, they still got a good moment at the end, so that's something.

Speaking of the lore, I find what was revealed here to be quite interesting; while the plants that were responsible for driving the plot came from Discord and not the Everfree, it is still explicitly stated that The Tree of Harmony holds the forest in check. It's rather fitting, isn't it? The massive, jumbled forest where nature rules surrounding a single (albeit quite large) plant, which nothing intrudes upon. I would guess that these two forces have been in a constant struggle since the beginning of the world. It would also be interesting if the Everfree served as Discord's other half, in a similar way to how the Tree is connected to the Elements.

Also, if Sombra were watching this happen, he would probably face-hoof, then mention that just blasting the tree with the elements probably would have worked just as well.

And to all of my five readers: I'm sorry that I haven't been posting too many chapters lately, but It's just been really difficult to find the motivation lately. I don't think anyone's even posted a comment on the last chapter, which takes away my only major drive. When I told you to comment, that was more for your benefit than mine.

I would also appear that my stories have managed to get over one thousand views total, mostly thanks to that first one. Whoot.

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