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Some things never change, but some things never stay the same.

The second is especially true for a mismatched group of individuals who, through pure coincidence, wind up being the only thing standing between their world and disaster.

But they just might have a shot at becoming heroes, if they can figure out how to work together.

Or just run off in completely different directions. That works too...

Sequel to a previous story of mine, Through a Glass Mirror. It is highly recommended that you read that first, or else you will likely not have any idea what's going on. If you have read that story, then I hope that you will take the time to read this one, as well.

Please ignore the cover-art for the time being, it is in the middle of being fixed.

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Stick around, and I'll tell you a few tales. What, you think that you've already heard them all? Well, I beg to differ. Sit down right there, and I'll prove it to you...

Collection of one shots, based in the same universe as my previous story, Through a Glass Mirror. Read that story first, and you'll have a better idea of what's happening in this one.

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The Equestrian ponies live in a state of fear, under the hooves of a pair of terrible tyrants.

Many wake every day, only to run for their lives, seeking some safe hiding place. And they are the lucky ones.

Others are slaves, forced to work, fight, and die, with no hope of freedom.

Some want to fight back, but none seem to be able to stand against their oppressors.

And still others seek refuge, going to the one being in Equestria that can help them. A Spirit of Chaos, named Discord.

Very alternate universe story, in which the characters' moralities are reversed.

Sequel: here

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