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SA Character Discussion · 10:02pm Nov 23rd, 2013

Ok so if any of you have been reading Sordid, you'd know that I haven't introduced Shining Armor in the story yet. I've set up this blog as a way for my readers to discuss it and add possible suggestions. If I like any of the ideas, I may adopt them and of course the suggestee will be credited at the end of the chapter I use it in. 3...2...1 GO!!!

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Comments ( 18 )

Have him pop out of a corn dog stand yelling profanities, then he gets out, and acts like nothing happened.:eeyup:

Secret lover of celestia?

When not counting Cadence I'd normally say hook up with Luna or Fleur but those are scratched off for the moment.:fluttercry:

Maybe he encounters Cadence and causes a brutal divorce between her and Flash? Tho, that might be a bit too obvious.

Shining Armor is his name, if anything, he'd change into a blacksmith or armor polisher of the royal guard, but again, his cutie mark story is... in question...

I will agree with 1533557 for Shining to be her lover, a somewhat reasonable mirror to Dusk and Molly, but then their relationship will be strained as Celestia lost Molly, her... lovers side as it were.

1533572>>1533557 Here's my idea, just hear me out. SA joined the Equestrian Army (yes they have more than just the guard) and he is currently serving in the jungles of Zebrica. He holds the rank of Colonel and is part of the Equestrian Commandos. Since he's been away from Equestria for so long, he grew fond of the local zebras and found himself a nice zebra mare.


I somewhat want to second this but then again, you need first to cover the zebra culture both the wild ones we have and cross it to how the MLP version it would be. Then I'll see what Shining Got. If I have my notes right, Shining could have two wives in Zebra culture... Or is it the ponies who do that?

Nothing wrong with saying the Army is separate from the Royal Guard. "nice zebra mare" Zecora anyone?

Anyway It's your story, you should go with the route that you are happy with.

Not sure if this image is romantic, or creepy:trixieshiftleft:

1533739 Ah but Zecora is living in Ponyville not Zebrica. That much is at least consistent with canon. Yes, it is my story and if I wanted to I could make SA have a homoerotic relationship with Soarin if I wanted to...but I want some reader opinions every once and awhile. Is it so bad that I care about my readers? :unsuresweetie:

1533757 It's sexy, just for you.:raritywink:

1533734 Ehhh I tend to shy away from herds. But yes I agree with the whole fleshing out of Zebra culture.

Did Zecora show up yet in this story? I forget.:fluttershysad:
I hope Shining Armor is still Dusk's B.B.B.F.F? That might be a little awkward.:twilightblush:
Is Zecora and Shining going to be in-laws of some sort?:derpytongue2:
In any case, I hope that Shining is portrayed in a positive light.

1535258 Zecora hasn't been mentioned (that I remember :derpyderp1:) but she is living in Ponyville not Zebrica. So if I were to give SA a love interest, it would most likely be a Zebra OC. Oh and don't worry, I'm not going to take a massive dump on SA...to honest I kinda want him to be a badass.

1537864 As long as he is a badass not an a**hole.

1538260 I take it you've read some stories where he's a total douche-bag?:twilightoops:

1538293 I read a story where he was executed for treason.

1538302 Damn...well that just isn't fair :twilightangry2:

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