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  • 454 weeks
    Apology and plea for help (requests as well?)

    So first for my followers, I need to apologize for not being able to get started on my major project. It is still something I intend to do, but RL has made a serious play for my time, especially for the next coming months.

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  • 457 weeks
    Something for the Starstruck fans + news on next story

    Hey everypony!

    Just a quick note on my next story, it is still moving along, though it might take me a little past next weekend to get it posted. Travel for work is ramping up and I'm spending a lot of time handling travel plans and shaking off jetlag. I'm still gonna do my all to get the first chapter up and the thing going, but if I miss next weekend, just know that I've got it coming ASAP.

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    Starstruck finished and things to come

    So after almost two years of work, Starstruck (over at vest's account) is finished. And I am immensely proud by that endeavor. I have a chance to reflect on the work, and how much confidence this has given me to take on some personal projects and tackle something that I've been ACHING to write on for a long time.

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    Next writing project

    So, as we get closer and closer to the glorious end of Starstruck, I want to launch a writing project of my own. I'd like to ask your opinion on the two large scope ideas that I've had rattling in my head for some time.

    To say first, though, that I won't be doing major work until we are comfortably close to done with Starstruck. I always finish my plate before going on to the next.

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Apology and plea for help (requests as well?) · 5:45am Oct 12th, 2013

So first for my followers, I need to apologize for not being able to get started on my major project. It is still something I intend to do, but RL has made a serious play for my time, especially for the next coming months.

Between traveling for my new job (in the past month and a half, I've logged about 8000 miles of travel) and preparing to move at the end of this month, most of my downtime is spent more on just recovery and preparing for other things, leaving remarkably little energy for writing of any sort, let alone a large multi-chapter project. But the thing is, I want to keep writing, I do not want my skills to atrophy and break down with neglect, so I need to change my approach until my life stabilizes enough to allow longer writing. I need some shorter exercises, and an idea has come to mind.

This is something I've never done before, and something that I don't even know if people here do...but I think I might be willing to take some short story requests. I think it might help me a lot to get out of my comfort zone and piles of old notes and just tackle some short projects for fun. They can be posted here, they can be private, just reach out to me and let's see what we can do.

Also, as far as the plea for help, another aspect of taking on some short stories is that I think it would be a lot of fun to do some Starstruck-based short stories. I've got a few ideas kicking about, some serious, some not so much, but if anyone has any ideas for a Starstruck short story, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shoot it my way! If nothing else, I'd like to talk to people about it and keep the blood moving.

So yeah, RL is blocking my bigger projects, but I want to keep going. Help me out!

(Also, for those who liked that Journey art, I'm getting more of it :3 )

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how about Devon meets the main 6

or Some story about Devon living with Luna

or Devon finding out Luna is fighting an intergalactic war against a group of communist giraffes who are seeking the holy grail.:pinkiehappy:

A short about Devon's regular, day-to-day life with Luna could be neat. Or maybe something centred around Gina. She's pretty fun.:twilightsmile:

How about Devon and Luna's first real date? And Celestia show's up "randomly" under some flimsy excuse to check up on them ("I just stopped by to make sure I hadn't left my crown in here, but it's not, so carry on!").

1415123 - Heh, that could be a lot of fun. Though it could also do with another addition. Devon's mom, doing EXACTLY the same thing. Heck, maybe make the focus of the short snippet about Sara and Celestia, and the date is something of the background event.

Actually, it does always make me think of Luna and Sara 'conspiring' to give Devon a gift or something. With Sara assuring her that ugly scarves are the way to go.

1414487 - I do like building the daily lives of characters. I bet it is a bit of a strange deal for the two, after all, Luna works the night shift. I have a few friends who work the bizarre shifts at night here, and we have the oddest times to hang out, at least for a normal hours person like myself. I almost want to make sleazy all-night breakfast places for Devon and Luna to meet up for pancakes now.

1413779 - Hmmm, how would he meet up with them? Through Luna? Through other means?

And hey, Devon/Luna slice of life is always fun. Any ideas for it? :D

As for that last one though...haven't we had enough political documentaries here?! :P

so any update on the story you're writing

1740839 - Unfortunately, life has kind of been comboing me like hell, leaving me achingly short of time and (more importantly) energy and drive. It is not any loss of motivation, at least I think so, but it is more that my energy has been poured into work or assisting some family friends who are going through the worst and ugliest kind of divorce.

It doesn't help that work for me is writing. Technical writing, but it still means I spend a large chunk of my day writing and editing, so it's a bit hard to get into fun writing.

That said, things are starting to stabilize, and your comment has given me a nice little kick to get the gears turning on my next project. So hopefully in the next couple weeks, I can get something going.

Thanks! And thank you for the concern! I sometimes need a nudge.

1747783 oh okay, well i hope everything works out, im sure it will be a great story:yay:

How about a ridiculous Starstruck AU about all of them being characters from Frozen? Gina can be Sven!

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