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Fanfictions, Stories, and a whole mess of homework. · 8:22pm Aug 29th, 2013

Heya everyone~ Arreis of Avalon here~ AKA, that REALLY REALLY BUSY GIRL YOU HAVEN'T HEARD FROM IN AWHILE. The reason WHY?
SCHOOL. DEAR GOSH. o.e This is my first year having AP classes, and I am SOOOOO exhausted. My homework has been bogging up my writing time with German homework. WHY DO OTHER LANGUAGES HAVE TO EXIST?! o.e In any case, that's going to mean, you guessed it, less posts. Sorry guys, seriously sorry. ):
BETTER NEWS: I'm making headway on my STORY. As in, actual book. ^^ It's called Just Another Fairy Tale, and it's not very long yet. However, I've been brainstorming and think I'm making some progress. YIPPIE!~
BEST NEWS (That also has some bad news mixed in): I'm sort of working on... *thinks* ... Puppeteers Creation, When the Past, Wild Card, Lonely God AND The Shine of Time. AKA, 5 fan fics. o.e Plus I have new ideas every day. SO. Ima leave you off with this note: Expect fan fics, people!~ AND LOTS OF THEM. (The bad news is that since I have so many, the post are spread all throughout the different stories, so some stories will have more chapters, depending on their lengths)
XOXO, Arreis of Avalon~

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