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  • 74 weeks
    News for all of you

    Hello all!

    Im so sorry that I haven't updated in long time... life caught up to me and I went through so many crap that left me so BUSY to deal with them all- I don't need to divulge into them all but rather I wanted to let you know that I'll possibly either keep writing His Black Heart's Inquiry or re-write it with new plot that has been brewing in my head for some time.

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  • 308 weeks
    Silent Dreamweaver-Final Chapter COMPLETED.

    But sadly, my editor needs two more weeks more til he's done with everything at his school (tests and such) but after that he will have total free time to work under my merciless rule!

    Now I am off to work on next chapter of His Black Heart's Inquiry.

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  • 308 weeks
    4k on Silent Dreamweaver so far!

    After my china buffet break, I'll finish this TONIGHT.

    Then focusing on His Black Heart's Inquiry.

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  • 327 weeks
    I'm resuming writing soon!

    Hello everyone! Morfonious here, *cough-ahem*

    I have a great news everypony! I'm going to resume writing effective today/tomorrow on Silent Dreamweaver's final chapter and epilogue. I'm so sorry for making fans (you) wait too long.

    If you feel I'm taking too long to post the chapter up after this blog post, feel free to slap me around with dead fish or something. Onwards!


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  • 334 weeks
    Re-edited chapter four is out!

    Title says it all! :D


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Keeping this blog short and sweet- · 3:59am Jul 28th, 2013

My fellow followers/readers!

My girlfriend is heading home tomorrow, so I'm jumping right back into writing and get those chapters that I promised while ago.

I'm so sorry that you had to wait this long but no LONGER! Silent Dreamweaver and His Black Heart's Inquiry is coming out of temporary inactivation.


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Comments ( 6 )

(insinuates that wild sexytimes distracted you from writing)

1242680 (nods), whole TWO weeks. Imagine that, HA.

i expect clop scenes to become more realistic with all your "research"

1242688 Never written a clop scene, promised myself that I won't but I did imply/implied it in Silent Dreamweaver.

:rainbowdetermined2: yes! back on track! :D

Good to have you back ^^

Sweet :pinkiehappy: I can't wait for more Sombra stuff and possibly more new things. It has been too long :raritydespair:

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