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  • 255 weeks

    If your new to my stories here, howdy and welcome.

    Blue Skies is finally done, I wanted to end it on a lovely note that felt satisfactory enough. I've had a few messages asking me if it would ever finish and I'm sorry it took four years, it's definitely not a good enough ending to be worth the years of waiting.

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  • 390 weeks
    As I shout out into the vacant wastelands...

    Lots of stuff happened, mostly second guessing myself on every word-
    But it will all be over soon- I can't wait to finally cut off Blue, I hope to get it all written this next weekend (Regardless of graduation) and then get it patched up to upload.

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  • 399 weeks
    Does anyone have any links to the new mlp episodes from 8-above?

    Like a playlist or something, because youtube is chock full of-
    It's sort of stupid and kind of annoying, most of the people that even do that just have a facecam of them watching it normally and some force commentary.
    Do people really like to watch other people watch a show?

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  • 399 weeks
    Blue Skies + Headcount

    I wonder how many of you are still waiting for the next chapter
    I've had several impulses to write, but I never obeyed them because I'm too confused about a few things.

    We all know how it's going to end but- am I dragging it out too long? Or should I just end it with a final decent sized chapter

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  • 409 weeks

    Almost Christmas, whoo.
    Didn't forget anyone, although you probably have forgotten me, just busy.

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Blegh · 5:29pm Jul 24th, 2013

Seeing thumbs down on my story makes me go

Even though it's like 4 out of 130, it's like they are punching my heart

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Green has 42 dislikes, I felt every one. :pinkiesad2:

1232826 *hugs back* sometimes people are just poopyheads. It's okay.

Just beat it with a fish.

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