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    I'm Actually Working on Stuff Again!

    I know, I know, a shocker. But I was bored in the middle of the night and couldn't find any good stories to suit my particular tastes, when I remembered, "Oh yeah, I have one of those." So I started working on the third chapter to Liquid Gold again. Celestia knows how long my motivation will last this time, but as I'm probably going to be very busy the next week or two, I'm aiming to at least

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  • 497 weeks
    Sorry for the Delays

    I got a little distracted working on this: [youtube=uJm3FJgWYfA]

    I'm about 1k into the next chapter of Liquid Gold (No spoilers on characters here, though), and it should be done in a few days, if all goes well.

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  • 499 weeks
    Progress Report

    Right. A blog post. Never done one of these before, but I like explaining my thoughts behind things. So here goes nothing:

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Progress Report · 6:29am Mar 15th, 2013

Right. A blog post. Never done one of these before, but I like explaining my thoughts behind things. So here goes nothing:

Liquid Gold: Well, Spike's Sexual Misadventures stopped updating, and it's hard to find fun, over the top watersports stories (pony-related or otherwise). I just liked the idea of a character with a bottomless bladder, and was originally gonna have a mare, but then I realized it's hard to do pissflation with a mare.

A Gift for Octavia: I like tentacles. I don't particularly care for the usual tropes associated with tentacles, particularly the rape and mind-breaking, and forced breeding. So I decided to subvert those. Also Octavia plot.

As far as updates go, I'm about a hundred or so words into a new story, but I've got most of it planned out so I just need to knuckle down and type it. Not going to spoil anything, but it will center around Lyra. I'm also about as far into the next chapter of A Gift for Octavia, but I'm really just winging it until I can figure out how to link where we left off to where I want to get (it's too big a jump to just timeskip). As far as Liquid Gold goes, I know what I'm going to do for the next chapter, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

All three stories are in the same continuity, but they'll only cross-reference each other in little background jokes, you don't have to read all three to get some kind of big picture from it.

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