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  • 466 weeks
    You know you have Swag when...

    Everything bad that happens on the site is instantly blamed by you and all evidence is ignored. I feel so euphoric knowing that I have gained enough hate to be blamed on more shit than Obama.

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  • 466 weeks
    Illuminati and IGN/Zoe Quinn connection confirmed

    IGN has three letters in its name?
    the first letter in it is "I"
    "I" is pronounced "Eye"
    IGN = 3 + EYE
    Illuminati has 3 sides and an eye
    Zoe Quinn fucked people at IGN for good reviews
    Zoe Quinn's game is called "Depression Quest"
    Again look, THREE "S"s and ONE "eye"
    You know what word starts with the letter "S"?
    SIDE Put them together now
    THREE Sides and ONE eye!

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  • 466 weeks

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  • 466 weeks
    Yo cunt's. I'm back from the dead.

    And still a raging faggot lel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Did I miss anything in my year long hiatus?

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  • 551 weeks
    An Explanation of sorts.

    Well. I got some free time and figured I would Let you all know why I'm leaving.

    1) Starting a Collab account with my friends to make highly graphic gore/dark fics.

    2) Guitar Lessons.

    3) School

    4) "Personal" reasons

    5) Hate 90% of the shit I got myself into on this account.

    Well, there is some of the reasoning. I got to go now.

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Am I the only one? · 1:12am Feb 6th, 2013

Who fapped to Sweet Apple Massacre, Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, Salo, and the Serbian film?

inb4 I have to label this as NSFW due to comments.

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Comments ( 18 )

I have seen/read 4/5 of the listed and while I have not tried it... I have thought about it. Soooooooooo guess what that means!


799175 If you manage it you will have my respect.

799192 Why would we want your respect for doing that?:trixieshiftright: Not that we have.

799200 So I can join you I mean, um, Because I would give you a cookie.


I had to check your userpage sir and I agree with your latest blogpost. Although just for fun I have to post this hilarious pic(atleast I got a kick out of it).



I want one as well, please?! I'll fap to the mentioned stories above twice and also do the same thing for the Smile.JPG and Jeff the Killer pics.

799242>>799202 and nothing was said against this. I have no response.

799242 You mean you didn't do that already? I regularly fantasize about being penetrated by Smile dog.:moustache:

PS Twilight Alicorn Sounds like great rule 34 material.

799261 Join us Faggot!

799295 :unsuresweetie: You should know me well enough. Besides the whole ick factor there's a whole subsection of personal taste... what are we talking about again?

799310 Wait....... You are attracted to Humans? And Females? Ewwww, that's gay.

799317 I am saying nothing. Just repeating that last line. "What are we talking about again?"

799330 If you would fap to Sweet Apple Massacre, Cupcakes, and Rainbow Factory if I joined you gave you a cookie.* :moustache:

*Offer only valid if you provide video evidence of you during the act.

I enjoyed Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory, but not in a sexual way. Cupcakes was pretty stupid, honestly, but it was also very lulzy, and created the murderous Pinkamena meme, and I thought Rainbow Factory was an interesting story. Sweet Apple Massacre was ok, but I thought they died too fast, and more lulz could have been milked out of it.

799403>>799406 Yeah how bout no. And those stories went to quickly. Wasn't enough emotional scaring in them.

799438 Death makes me cum. :scootangel:

799751 Good for you. I would make a holocaust joke but that would be mean and you probably wouldn't mind.

799822Is it sad that I've seen worse?

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