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The Calm Before the Big 'Ol Storm of Chaos · 6:27am Jan 19th, 2013

Tomorrow, a great blow will inevitably be struck against thousands of headcanons all across the world, including, quite possibly, my own. To all those who fear the coming 22 minutes, I offer you my hoof. Let us stand together, and pray.

Fortune be with you, all ye writers of Discord - that Spirit of Chaos, that Master of Mischief. May your worlds remain possible, may your stories remain plausible, and may your theories be given nothing but proof.

Thiessen, watch over us - McCarthy and Larson, guide our paths. Anderson and Ingram, grace our ears with your sound - Sibsy and Raven, give form and line to the world.

By the light of the sisters, in Faust we trust.


...Wow, I would make a terrible preacher. Good thing I'm an atheist.

Good luck tomorrow, guys. I really hope I won't have to make 'AU' the second tag on 'Life of Fear'.

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Comments ( 1 )

Here it comes... *Shudder* All I have to do is dodge this episode and the season finale and all will be okay...

Here's hoping they leave Discord's origin up to the fans. And that Twilight never gets sent back in time a thousand years. (Though I'm pretty sure my Starswirl-as-the-villain thing is going to be thwarted by canon at some point. *Sigh*)

May neither of us get Alternate Universed.:rainbowdetermined2: (That's a verb now.)

[And looking forward to the next chapter of The Life of Fear.]:twilightsmile:

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