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  • 246 weeks
    I've been thinking of continueing writing.

    Hi there, if anyone reads this I'll be amazed. It's been awhile since my last story, and I've been thinking about maybe getting back into it. I rather enjoyed doing it, and with maturing I've become a much better author than I used to be.

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  • 375 weeks
    Ratchet and Clank in Equestria

    Hey guys! Okay so me and DistordedTruth92, author of the excellent 'Jak and Daxter: The Equestrian Front', are going to work together to create Ratchet and Clank in Equestria. Still trying to come up with a title. Im open to suggestions.

    Oh and it will be set after Deadlocked as the future series sucked

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  • 376 weeks
    Wait is this true?

    My friend said he saw a trailer for an MLP MOVIE while at the theatre, sounds awesome right? WRONG!
    It involves multiverse and humans, and one of the great things about this show was its lack of humans, First Twilicorn Now THIS! Its like theyre trying to loose the fanbase.

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  • 378 weeks
    Holy crap 20 followers

    I dont know when that happened, or why as my writing sucks but I can say one thing, thank you. So yeah im out of the writing business at least for now but I will start blogging and I hope you people enjoy it. So yeah today sucked. You see I have a small malfunction in my brain from birth where I cant process the nerve signals for displeasure, or in layman terms I cant feel pain. It can sometimes

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  • 390 weeks

    A Regidar approved Tobuscus based parody of Smosh in Equestria written by a lower class writer like me?

    Nappa: Vegeta on a scale of one to 10 what are the chances of this failing?

    Vegeta: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

    Me: Screw you Vegeta nobody cares about that reference anymore

    Nappa: Hey look on the bright side at least your Raditz writes better fanfiction then our Radditz

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PART TWO OF COWBOYS AND ANGELS! · 1:42am Jan 13th, 2013

yes i am going to write it but im having trouble deciding what song to go with plus im eventually going to create an original pony who moves to ponyville and is a complete redmane (see what i did there) who will fall in love with Applejack and sing "she's country" by Jason Aldean. I am a horrible horrible person for making this. Its bad enough that i enjoy the Twilight series. And i take 2 hours in the bathroom in the morning everyday getting ready. and have a bunch of nice smelling stuff. I have got to be metrosexual. P.S. that means i act like a gay person but am completely straight

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