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A dood from the west. I'm not a brony anymore and I haven't posted here since I was teenager, but I hope you enjoy the few stories I managed to finish back then!

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Announcement! · 1:09am Jan 7th, 2013

Hey everypony, so I assume you can read since you're on a site about stories, so you read the title. Yesh, I have an announcement. No, it's not something bad. Maybe announcing this can be a little "Thanks for sixty followers!" thing.

Anyways, another person on this site, Zonfic, and I are writing a story series together. There are going to be multiple stories in this series. Zonfic and I are writing everything out with no detail first(basically more advanced roleplay, I guess you could call it), then we're gonna go over and add the details 'n stuff. Right now, we're probably at story... thirty-two? Sounds right! No, but seriously, we're probably at story eight or nine or ten, it depends.

By the way, we're having sort of two first stories in the series. It's because they're not completely separate. Zonfic's story A Special Night is story 1A, and my upcoming story Steel Bonds is story 1B. They take place at around the same time, but with completely different perspectives and plots.

A Special Night is about a secret Twilight and Luna have hidden from each other. When the secret comes out, will it bring them closer together, or make them fall apart?

Steel Bonds is a much darker story. Seriously, I don't think I've ever written something that dark. My Gray Rainbow readers are probably like: "WAT." But yeah, that story will get very dark, but it has its comedy and romance.

Steel Bonds asks a question. When your lives are unlike anypony else's, when you are afraid to afraid to sleep at night, when your life is as crazy as Taurus Script's and Aquarius Bow's, can the bond of a brother and sister last?

Just a quick warning before I continue: this series might have to be rated mature(there's a large amount of adult humor. We would delete it and try to change it, but they're so funny...). Another warning: this story will contain ideological sensitive material about same-sex relationships. I know there are lots of people who don't care, but some people not like how the characters say things. There are two fillyfooler couples in the story, and three straight ones. Just know that when the characters speak, it's them being themselves, not Zonfic and I throwing our beliefs in your faces. And a final warning: this story will contain OCxMane 6.

There are three main OCs: Zonlek "Zonfic" Fiction(Zonfic's OC. His extremely odd name is fully explained in the story), Taurus Script, and Aquarius Bow. The main characters are: Zonfic, Taurus Script, Aquarius Bow, Fluttershy, Rarity, Sweetie Belle Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia. But not every story has Twilight and Luna as main characters, same with Celestia. But the OCs, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, and Rarity are in every story as important.

The story series itself is about the test of the bonds of friends and more-than-friends as all of hell and more is thrown at them; mainly in the form of a legend becoming prophecy. But there's also other struggles, but the legend is what sets off everything.

These stories are very, very slice of life-y. The main tags of the stories would be: Romance and Slice of Life. But there is a lot of comedy, sad moments, and a little bit of adventure thrown in. Just a little.

Holy God, that got long.

TL;DR: Friend and I making new series. An extremely long story series. It's about testing relationships, whether they be brother-sister, romantic, or friendship. It's Slice of Life and Romance mainly. There is OCxMane6 and there are three main OCs. It may have to be rated mature for adult humor.

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Can't wait to read :pinkiesmile:

685922 I have chapter one of Steel Bonds done, and I'm writing Chapter Two right now. Once my pre-readers go through both chapters, I'll submit it. :twilightsmile:

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