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A dood from the west. I'm not a brony anymore and I haven't posted here since I was teenager, but I hope you enjoy the few stories I managed to finish back then!

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Updates And Inspiration(More Like A Ramble, Actually) · 1:45am Mar 17th, 2013

Hey guys, I have some updates/news. It's good, don't worry.

So, if any of you are wondering why I haven't really published anything since Failed Savior back in November, it's because I haven't really been that inspired to write anything. Usually the things I write are inspired by music or experiences I or my friends have gone through. For example, Isn't It Great To Be Different was inspired both by music(the song it's named and based off of) and by some of my own experiences(with the main character being different) and by friend's experiences(losing the person they loved to accidents).

I got into a music genre in December that's not really inspiring to me. I love the music, but it's not inspirational. It doesn't give me ideas or concepts, it doesn't make me think much about how it could affect this or that. You get the point(I think xD). But now I've discovered a band where its lyrics are poetry. It really seems like poetry in music form. I just started actually listening to them today, and I feel so inspired right now. I've had this one-shot idea in my head for a few days now based off of an experience I'm going through at the moment, but I just haven't felt the desire to actually write it. But now I do. So, I'll have some new stuff up soon, guys, I promise.

Just in case you're wondering, the band is Flyleaf.

Oh, and by the way, I love the new update to FiM Fiction!

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