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    I'm coming back (with some bad news too)

    The Good News
    To those of you who have followed me, and are reading this blog post, then I would like for you to know that I am still alive and I intend to start writing again. I have achieved several important life goals, including completing my bachelors degree.

    The Bad News

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    Had some major delays, mostly related to life. I've determined that guitar is my instrument, so there goes fifteen to thirty minutes of my day right there. (As well as a good part of my money, as I have Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.)

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Story related post · 9:29am Dec 29th, 2012

So, yesterday I got all of my wisdom teeth taken out in one go. I choose to be awake for the procedure, which wasn’t that bad until we got to the lowers. Good news is, no more toothaches. Bad news is, the sockets hurt, I can’t close my mouth all the way without pain, I’m stuck on anti-biotics and pain killers, and I can’t drink any Dr. Pepper for three days.

I’m trying to figure out how to start my new story. Or rather, the recreation of Twilight Sparkle: Planeswalker as The Continuing Adventures of the Elements of Harmony. (Or something similarly pulpy.) A lot of people, even the ones who play Magic: The Gathering do not know the lore of the game. This is easy, as official attempts at novelization tend to range from fair to horribad.

Since I intend for Chrysalis to be the main antagonist, I’m tempted to begin with the Equestrian aftermath of the Mane Six facing her down, banishing her, and loosing Twilight to her Planeswalker Spark igniting. Celestia would provide needed exposition, as well as push the other characters to finding their own spark. Of course, the temptation is also to just go all in like last time and begin with Twilight trying to get her bearings in Innestrad, although in media res tends not to go over well.

Decisions decisions.

Also, I feel like I’m in tremendous amounts of pain. Since the ceiling is no long an ocean made of plaster, it means my pain medication has worn off.

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I would suggest starting with Twilight Sparkle again, then switch over to the rest of the cast. Make Twilight's section fairly short, an Action Prologue to the exposition. Something along the lines of: 1) Twilight wakes up 2) Encounters something horrible 3) Celestia trying to explain to the rest. Maybe alternate like this for the rest of the story, too?

Wait, every member of the Mane Six is a planeswalker? Hmm...

One in one billion odds = 10^-9. One in one billion odds cropping up six times simultaneously = (10^-9)^6) = 10^-54
One in one septendecillion odds of occurring. And that's just six Sparks showing up at the same time, not six igniting.
Of course, if an Element bearer acquires a Spark as part of attuning to the Element, that's fine and dandy... sort of.

Logistics aside, I think an en medias res opening with Twilight suddenly in a forest that makes the Everfree seem like an idyll copse, followed by a flashback to the showdown with Chrysalis, then a second chapter with Celestia's explanation is your best bet. But that's just me.

Also, I quite like most Magic novels. Especially the Ravnica block procedural dramas.

I've always heard it as one in a thousand being born with the spark. But it's nearly impossible to actually ignite, since it requires a certain intuition and a willingness to let go of your life. If not that, then why are there so many planeswalkers walking around FMN, Grand Prix and Pro Tour tournaments? :trollestia:

The way that I'm figuring it is that the Elements attune themselves to people (not necessarily ponies, although it does help) who have the potential to be much, much greater. Who all have a certain spark, and who's depth of friendship is so great that they would travel time and space, across the infinite multiverse, to save their friends. "Greater love haveth no man then this, that he lays down his life for his friend." and all like that.

The issue with both yours and Fan's version is that I want the story to be like a pulp fiction serial. That said, certain exceptions may be necessary since this will be read like a book by the audience, so I'll consider them.

660527 Hey, it's your story. Structure it as you want. Our suggestions are only that: suggestions.

Yeah, but I don't want to be that one jerk who asks for suggestions, and dismisses them out of hand because what he was really looking for was confirmation of his own views. What you've offered was a valid suggestion, which I'm considering.

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