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  • Thursday
    After 7 years of waiting, it's finally here... Metroid Prime 4!

    I've been waiting for this game for such a long time guys, I've been a huge fan of this series since I was a teen, it's one of my favorite Nintendo series with how unique it all is compared to other franchises like Zelda and Mario, and let me tell you, when this trailer dropped Tuesday.. I was so happy and completely speechless, this is my most anticipated game for next year now, and let's hope

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  • Thursday
    One of My most Favorite Recent Songs!

    Hey guys hope your having a fun day right now, I just wanted to post a song I've been listening to nonstop for a while now, it's a song we're all familiar with if we've kept up with music for the past year or so, and that song is... Am I Dreaming, by Metro Booming! Hard to believe this song is over 1 year old guys, let's hope they come back for the 3rd Spider Verse movie.

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  • Monday
    Even More Story Ideas

    Hey guys, I'm back again with another post about more stories I've gotten ideas on, while I know I've shown the ideas of them before, I've developed some more ideas for Spike crossover story's, but this time, a lot of them will be based on Indie projects, and some may even be my first M Rated story's, I've been wanting to take more risks, and while I'm still getting the hang of it, when I'm good

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  • 1 week
    Some Important Info I found Out

    Hey guys I hope your having a good day so far, so recently I had found a really big video that goes into full detail onto the production of Kung Fu Panda 4. This movie has had a lot of hate going for it recently with how it turned out, and while I can understand people liking it, the production of the movie was a complete MESS! I have never seen so many messy choices made for this movie, it

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  • 1 week
    More Fun Stories

    Hey guys hope your having a good day, I was just coming in to let you all know about a few fun stories I'm gonna be doing, while some of them are gonna be smaller then others, I think a few of them will be fun to read when I get to them, and I hope you like what I have in mind guys!

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One Of the Funniest Videos/ Fights I've Ever Seen · 5:15pm May 19th

Hey guys hope your having a good day so far! I just wanted to show you all this hilarious video I've always liked to watch, it's from the Red Vs Blue series from Rooster Teeth, and is one of my favorite moments in the whole show, I hope you all find this fight funny and hope you like it! Also quick question.. Spike in the Red Vs Blue series as a part of the Blue Team, would you like to see that?

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That sounds awesome. I think that he probably would have the spartan thing done to him. To at least get him to their height. Maybe Equestria gets glassed during the war then he is taken to a lab, then escapes to blood gulch.

Go for it

The best episode!

I think it would be cooler if he was a part of the Freelancer team during Project Freelancer, and he doesn't fully remember what's happened, so by the time Washington shows up, Wash tries to jog his memories since he and Spike were good friends during that time, even if Spike was on Carolina's level of skill.

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