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Future Story's and Ideas For Them · 6:34pm March 17th

Hey guys i hope your having a nice day so far, i decided i'd like to share a few future story's and idea's i have for them, once i'm done with my current ones, they're pretty interesting from what i have for them, and i plan them for both Crossover story's and Original ones, hope you like these ideas!

Alright let's start off with one of my first new Original Story's, i've been planning on remaking My Mother, the very first story i ever wrote, it was what helped me get into writing, and i've really improved with each new story i make, and i think a rewrite would be great, giving Spike more time with his mother, and developing her and putting in more original character's and ideas, making it longer, and trying to make it heartfelt too. I put Spike's mother in a lot of my story's, and the reason is because, we never got to see her in the main show, and i just wanted to give people who were wanting some story's with her in it a fun time to read, hope you look forward to that one.

The next Original story is also a crossover story, it's a third Ori story i have planned, since we all know how Will of the Wisps ends, i'm gonna have to make an original story in the future, i'm thinking of calling it.. Ori and Spike and the Way Home, i think i can make a good conclusion to the trilogy of story's and make something really strong, unless there's a third Ori game announced soon by the time i start writing, i'll continue it anyway, the ending is one of the reasons i'm holding off on my Ori story because it is really heartbreaking.

As for my next Crossover story, it's gonna be the next TMNT story i plan to do. I've been debating which incarnation i'll do next, either the 2003 versions, or the Rise versions. And after some thinking, i've decided i'm gonna do Rise first after 2012 is complete, not only will it be far shorter then that story, but i think i can make it a ton of fun having Spike go through the 2 seasons, and the Movie, and maybe even more if there are more seasons greenlit for the show, which i pray happens, so i hope you look forward to that too.

For my next 2 Crossover story's, i'm gonna be having 2 or 3 Zelda story's, 2 where Spike and Smolder go through BOTW and TOTK after awakening with Link in the first game, and not remembering who they are, i have ideas on how to make them blend in with the story and make sure Link doesn't feel sidelined, and for my 3rd Zelda story, i'm thinking of doing Twilight Princess, not only was that game one of the most lore heavy games in the series, it was one of the darker games too, and i feel like having Spike be taken to the Twilight Realm, and turned into a Wolf like link would make for an interesting story, so i hope that sounds interesting to you.

Another cool Crossover story I have planned is for Spike to go through the Hades Games, Hades is one of my favorite games ever and I have spent hundreds of hours on it, it doesn't really have anything to dislike about it, and with Hades 2, things just get even better! I've only played the early access of the game recently, but it's still just as amazing, if not better then the original! So seeing Spike team up with Zagreus would be really awesome and make him both badass, and really awesome at the same time, I'll work on that story some day soon, I'll just have to figure out how to translate each run into it, but I think I'll have each run be a chapter itself, and the next one starts either at the House Of Hades, or after they leave Zagreus's room, let me know how you think I can handle it, and what Spike's relationships can be like with the others!

And for a fun simple Crossover story, i'm thinking of a story where Spike, Ember and Smolder go to Wuhu island from Wii Sports Resort, having them just go on a relaxing vacation, take part in the sports across the beautiful island, and just overall have a fun and relaxing time, i think that would be fun for people to read.

For my Kung fu panda story, i've gotten ideas on how to change the 4th movie for the better, i know some people liked it the way it is, but i've got ideas that can help it out. Firstly, i'm gonna change the Chameleon's motivation, from that stupid one of her being too small to learn Kung Fu , to her being a rejected student of Oogway and Shifu, because she took things far too aggressively, and with her shapeshifting ability's, it made Oogway fear what she would become if she continued training, so he had to let her go, which made her vow revenge from being rejected, and gave her plans on what to do with her ability's, and i plan to make her more of a threat as well, and i'll make sure the 5 are included too don't worry, i hope this idea sounds interesting to you and let me know please.

And finally, the next major Crossover story i plan to do, is Spike in Lego Ninjago, i've had this idea planned out for a while, i've made a few chapters already in the past month, and have been wanting to post it, but with what happened to Blaze Saber's story's which i am still upset over with them being taken down, i'm still hesitant on releasing it, if my TMNT 2012 story's been able to continue on, i think i can do the same with Ninjago, but i'm still unsure of it. I have 2 titles that i'd like you to decide which is better: Spike the Spinjitzu Master, or Spike The Master of Elements, i think these both sound cool and would fit to what i'm planning with him in this story, and believe me, he is gonna have far more then 1 Elemental power. I plan on doing some things to change it up, especially for the seasons 11-15, i'm gonna change up some things, like combine episodes that blend into eachother and add original dialogue, make character's like Aspheera a far better character, not just as a villain, and cutting out what made them not as good compared to the earlier ones. It will no doubt be my longest story ever, even whatever future story's i make going forward, a story based on a 15 season show will no doubt be the longest, Feel free to leave me any ideas on how i can change up the later seasons.

I know this was a lot and it sounded like a bit much, but i'm confident on what i can do with them. These story's are something i'm sure i can make great, and i hope you look forward to them. Feel free to tell me about what you think in the comments, or in a private message if you'd like. I hope you liked these ideas and look forward to them!

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What about Paper Mario 64 where Spike gets sucked into another dimension and the others watch his progress? Or Kingdom Hearts where Spike feels left out, but he gets a keyblade and has to save the world from heartless?

What about legends of Chima there aren’t enough of those on this site

I am sadly not gonna do a Chima story, i am just not that interested in making one, it wasn't my thing back when i was a kid, i am sorry, but there are just other story's i wanna do, and Chima isn't one of them, i'm sorry.

I’ve got a future story idea for ya.

Just don't make the ninjago story 1 to 1

What about Spike: The Spinjitzu Master of Elements?

Here’s another story idea I’m sure you’ll like.


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