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Why live and work for a piece of paper and handshake? Warlord and Mercs sound better.

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  • 22 weeks
    My thoughts.

    I see myself as expendable, something that you could use and then throw away when you don't need it anymore. Like a gear in a machine. A number in a complex code. A chess piece.

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  • 23 weeks

    -Romanian AK mag pouch
    -East German ushanka



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  • 24 weeks
    Ain't no way💀

    I was gonna post this yesterday but I forgot lol.

    So, apparently, my coworker got a text from a friend that he was currently hiding since he heard shots ring out at the local mall. I'm not sure if anyone was injured (besides the suspects probably), but I wish them a speedy recovery to those that did🙏

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  • 24 weeks
    PUBG make me wanna buy an airsoft AK

    I just shredded some peps with an AK and an SLR, I be dogging on people wit da middle east kit fr fr.

    Seriously though, I need an AK.


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  • 25 weeks
    I ams home :>

    Got down with the ACT was able to go home early, currently chilling wit ma cats >:3

    It's a shame I gotta go to work later though, I wanna spend my entire day with my cats.


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I need a go pro fr fr · 7:39pm Oct 9th, 2023

Maybe even start a yt channel, like, film myself as I play airsoft.

I'll probably get one before I go to my first MilSim.

The closest I'll get to MilSim is a two-day event at an airsoft field north of where I live, I just wish I had NVGs so that I could hide in a bush at night and attack


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