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Fast X 🏁 · 7:53pm May 19th

I didn't watch the films growing up until about the last few years where I watched the first five, I got lazy, I saw Hobbs & Shaw and F9, THEN finished 6-8 days before this came out.

I thought it was all ridonkulous fun and this one falls in the same boat. Gravity-defying action that is insanely awesome and awesomely insane, the same cool and funny crew, and F A M I L Y.

It kind of jumped between a bunch of characters and scenes, but it didn't get confusing or overwhelming. Jason Mamoa was delightfully insane, the "Joker" of the F&F series, XD

7/10 Flags

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I didn't watch the Fast films until when the sixth one came out. After that, I went back to rewatch every single one and I fell in love with them. Can't wait to see what this one offers and I believe Jason Mamoa is gonna be a delightful treat to watch.

I tried watching the first one. For some reason, it didn't grab me.

Eh, even big fans say it gets good from Fast Five and onward. From looking up the history of the franchise, the fifth one was the first film to get a mainly positive reception

D-20 #4 · May 21st · · ·

Fast movies just became lots of fun to watch.


Wait what if there was a MLP fast and furious with rainbow dash in it?!

I have an idea coming on...

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