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  • Monday
    If you work near a bread slicer...

    ... be sure to wear cut-resistant gloves. Slicing your finger open on rapidly-moving blades is not a fun experience, nor is cleaning the wound afterwords. Safety regulations are there for a reason! I'm lucky that I still have an intact finger, and that it'll be healed up fully within a month, but that's something I hope none of you ever have to experience.

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    Updates and a question

    Hi everyone. Figured I'd post a little update about what's happening in case anyone's still following me. With the assistance and advice of resident Navy sailor Kaipony, I've been working for several months now on an a three-book, alternate-history World War Two naval saga that pits Celestia and Equestria against Nightmare Moon and her allies. But unlike my previous stories, which were written,

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    If you could erase one MLP character from existance, who would it be?

    I'd get rid of Button Mash. Not because I have anything against him, but because it would spare us all from the seemingly countless incest stories he's involved in. I know every fandom has it's seeder, unsavory sides, but good God, why are so many people into stories of a grade-school child having sex with his mom, or her wanting to have sex with him? Knowing that his (non-canon) mother

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    New Story: 'The Basement'

    December has finally come once again! Christmas lights are up, trees are being decorated, and stores are filled with our favorite holiday music! Why not mark the occasion with some winter-themed horror?

    The Basement

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    Update on 'Thorns of Stone'

    Hi everyone

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Covid update - Still alive and kicking · 5:30pm Nov 10th, 2022

Hi everyone

I realized I hadn't given an update on my Covid situation, and I'm pleased to say that I got through it: The first few days were awful (it took me two hours to work up the strength to get out of bed on the first day), and it took me two weeks to gradually get better, but I'm now back to normal. Thankfully, there's no signs of long Covid either, which is what scared me more than anything.

If you haven't done so yet, get vaccinated: while I still got the virus, I believe that if I hadn't gotten the vaccine and the first booster shot, this would have been much, much worse, or I would have caught a much stronger variant that I wouldn't have been able to fight off. And I'm a pretty healthy guy who walks an average of five miles a day at work and exercises at the gym four days a week. If I was hit this hard and knocked off my feet, it can happen to you, too.

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Glad to hear you recovered safely!

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