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  • Saturday
    Thoughts on "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep"

    This episode is about guilt and how it can destroy you if you don't handle it properly. Everyone has done something in their lives that they regret, and we all beat ourselves up over stuff we did in the past. This episode shows how that actually doesn't help and really on adds to your suffering and the suffering of others. At the begging of the episode, we see Princess Luna replaying the first

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  • 1 week
    Thoughts on Amending Fences

    As far as I know, I felt this episode was much needed; the show was supposed to end in season 3. But thanks to the brony fandom G4's popularity skyrocketed and allowed us to have 9 seasons of this fantastic show. The reason I'm bringing this up is that we don't know Twilight all that well before season 1. Yes, we knew she was introverted, had trouble making friends, and was rather mean to Spike,

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  • 1 week
    Thoughts on Princess Spike

    This episode is one that I personally see as a better world-building episode than a Spike episode. I enjoyed seeing Spike's antics, but I felt as if there was a better episode with the Grand Equestria Pony Summit. There were so many ponies across the Equestria from places we rarely or never have seen before in Canterlot, and it would've been cool to know these places and the ponies that live

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  • 3 weeks
    Thoughts on Slice of Life

    This is a very intriguing episode, as some would say it's too random and doesn't make a lot of sense. To me, it's perfect, as up until this point, nearly every episode was centered on the Mane 6. The only time they've been "side characters" was in CMC-centered episodes, and even then, they usually play a significant role. This time the episode focused on background ponies who didn't get much

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  • 3 weeks
    Thoughts On The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

    This episode is very intriguing as we delve into the history of the griffons. This is one of the other races we see rather often in the show besides dragons before season 7 and the 2017 movie. So seeing them flesh out their history more was something to behold and has captivated my imagination for years. But besides that, we finally get to see Gilda come back after her debut in season one, and

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Thoughts on IDW My Little Pony Friends Forever comic Volume 3 · 9:52pm Nov 7th, 2022

So this comic omnibus is broken into four stories, each with two main characters for each comic. I'll go through them from the one I liked the least to my favorite.

Fluttershy & Iron Will: I personally think that this story was a good filler in regards to showing that Iron Will changes abit from the overly brutish character we see in season 2 to how he is in season 7. But there's not much to be said here in this comic, as it's basiclly Iron Will coming to Fluttershy to learn how to control his anger which he does. The art and panels were fine, but nothing stood out to me. Overall a decent read, but that's about it.

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie: This was a crazy comic, and the panels were fun to look at despite the relatively simple story. Basiclly, Pinkie Pie has an obsession over a treat called phenomenon. Twilight then goes abit overboard trying to prevent Pinkie Pie from eating the treat using all sorts of gadgets and magic spells. She eventually indulges in the snack herself and, in the end, has to say that Pinkie Pie needs the discipline and willpower to stop eating the phenomenons. Overall a fun comic to read and look at, but I'll admit the story was abit lackluster.

Granny Smith and the Flim Flam brothers: this was an intriguing little comic, and I feel that out of all the comics I've read, this one is the most mature, seeing it deals with relationships. The story goes that Granny Smith and her family go to an Apple Con event. Basiclly a convention for Orchar Enthusiasts of all kinds, from Oranges, Lemons, Pears, and apples coming over to sell wares and to show off their crops. Granny then finds Flim and Flam at separate booths and thinks the two might be plotting something. But the reality is that they haven't talked to each other as they broke up after fighting over the love of a librarian. Granny Smith feeling bad for them helps to get the two together and reveals that something similar happened to her as she caused two brothers to fight over her, and they have stopped talking to each other ever since. She then convinces the two to forgive each other. This was a great comic as it reveals abit of how promiscuous Granny Smith was back in her day and how she seems to regret her actions. Also, this was an excellent way for her to help Flim and Flam despite their rivalry.

Spitfire and Rainbow Dash: This comic was funny and enjoyable that I've read so far. So Spitfire is tasked to be a flying instructor to a bunch of young pegasi. So she asks Rainbow Dash to help her deal with the task ahead. The great thing about this comic is that they could've had her come out of the gate as a drill sergeant. But instead, Spitfire is uncomfortable and doesn't really know what she's doing, and Rainbow Dash has to take charge of teaching the kids. She then has a heart-to-heart chat with Spitfire and explains how it's much easier to direct adults than teach kids. So Rainbow Dash suggests that she knows what she's doing; she just needs to be more confident. But this backfires as Spitfire goes into drill sergeant mode and makes all the kids cry. Rainbow Dash cuts the class prematurely, and then the next day, Rainbow Dash makes a Tornado and has Spitfire take it down. Then Rainbow uses this as a lesson for the kids as she breaks down what Spitfire is doing. Rainbow Dash then makes this the main teaching method, with Spitfire performing maneuvers and her breaking them down for the foals. They even inspire a young filly named Loop De loop, who wants to be a Wonderbolt. I enjoyed this comic because it really builds that Spitfire, outside of her element, can be somewhat insecure about her abilities. She recognizes that Rainbow Dash is somepony to trust to help her. I also enjoyed seeing Rainbow Dash being a teacher and how cute it was to see her encourage Loop De Loop throughout the comic as the little filly constantly asks her questions about flying. Overall this was a very cute and fun comic that has a lot of heart and expands Spitfire's character outside of the show.

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