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  • Saturday
    Thoughts on "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep"

    This episode is about guilt and how it can destroy you if you don't handle it properly. Everyone has done something in their lives that they regret, and we all beat ourselves up over stuff we did in the past. This episode shows how that actually doesn't help and really on adds to your suffering and the suffering of others. At the begging of the episode, we see Princess Luna replaying the first

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  • 1 week
    Thoughts on Amending Fences

    As far as I know, I felt this episode was much needed; the show was supposed to end in season 3. But thanks to the brony fandom G4's popularity skyrocketed and allowed us to have 9 seasons of this fantastic show. The reason I'm bringing this up is that we don't know Twilight all that well before season 1. Yes, we knew she was introverted, had trouble making friends, and was rather mean to Spike,

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  • 1 week
    Thoughts on Princess Spike

    This episode is one that I personally see as a better world-building episode than a Spike episode. I enjoyed seeing Spike's antics, but I felt as if there was a better episode with the Grand Equestria Pony Summit. There were so many ponies across the Equestria from places we rarely or never have seen before in Canterlot, and it would've been cool to know these places and the ponies that live

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  • 3 weeks
    Thoughts on Slice of Life

    This is a very intriguing episode, as some would say it's too random and doesn't make a lot of sense. To me, it's perfect, as up until this point, nearly every episode was centered on the Mane 6. The only time they've been "side characters" was in CMC-centered episodes, and even then, they usually play a significant role. This time the episode focused on background ponies who didn't get much

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  • 3 weeks
    Thoughts On The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

    This episode is very intriguing as we delve into the history of the griffons. This is one of the other races we see rather often in the show besides dragons before season 7 and the 2017 movie. So seeing them flesh out their history more was something to behold and has captivated my imagination for years. But besides that, we finally get to see Gilda come back after her debut in season one, and

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Thoughts on IDW My Little Pony Friends Forever Comic Volume 2 · 1:23am Nov 4th, 2022

So this comic omnibus is broken into four stories, each with two main characters for each comic. I'll go through them from the one I liked the least to my favorite.

Fluttershy and Zecora: This one is pretty simple. Fluttershy's animal friends can talk, but she doesn't know why. Thinking she's either going crazy, or something magical is happening, she goes to Zecora for help. Zecora, in turn, helps her find out it is Discord, and he does it so the animal can throw her a party. Overall the concept is fun and exciting, but I think it lacked weight, and there wasn't much going on with the animals. Zecora didn't do much outside of telling some jokes as well. Also, it wasn't a surprise knowing Discord was behind everything. This issue was ok, but I wish there was more to it and that Zecora played more of a role.

Pinkie Pie and Luna: in this issue, Luna has to help her sister, Princess Celestia, do a Chuckle-Lot. Basiclly, Luna needs to do a comedy routine as it became a tradition for celestia to do one every year in Canterlot to show that they were like every other pony. However, Princess Luna is quite too serious and needs help with her humor, so Twilight gives her to Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie does her best to help Princess Luna, but she seems to be against Pinkie Pie's antics as she struggles with humiliating herself. Eventually, she attacks Pinkie Pie and calls her a clown. And Pinkie sees that Luna is more obsessed with outdoing her sister than just being herself. However, at the Chuckle-Lot, Luna does indeed embrace the slapstick humor Pinkie Pie taught her by having a pie thrown at her sister's face, which causes her to trip, and the two slam into a pie, splattering pie all over the place.

The story itself wasn't bad, but I feel like there should've been more at the Chuckle-Lot; maybe have Luna and Celestia do a routine, and Luna finally let up during it as she remembers all of Pinkie Pie's advice. Also, I felt Pinkie Pie deserved more of an apology because Luna was rude seeing Pinkie Pie was doing pretty well teaching her to try not to take this too seriously. But other than that, it wasn't a bad issue and a fun read. Also, I'm glad to see that this shows Luna to be much more relatable, and it sucks we have to get more character from her through the comics than the show.

Rainbow Dash and Trixie: this one was great, so Rainbow Dash gets invited to perform in a mystery kingdom known as Diamondia. She learns that Trixie has been the queen of the Diamond Dogs, but the bad news is she's trapped being queen for them. Trixie lied to them as they thought she could look for diamonds using her magic, and now's she stuck with the job as the crown they gave her makes it so that she can't leave. So she and Rainbow Dash have to trick the Diamond Dogs into hating Trixie's guts to make them stop wanting her to be their queen; then, she can ditch the crown and leave. Overall the story was simple, but it was so clever and well thought out; it also showed that Trixie and Rainbow Dash can work well together, seeing they both are pretty egotistical. I also love the world-building and seeing Diamond Dogs having a kingdom of their own. I think this issue would be great animated.

Applejack and Rarity: this comic has to be the best one I've read so far; this was an adventure with Applejack and Rarity traveling across Equestria together as Applejack tries to go to the Oranges on the west coast in Applewood to make a deal to sell Apples to them. They need this deal as Big Mac "accidentally" destroyed the barn. So Applejack sets off on the business deal with Rarity coming along as she brings a few burlap sacks to bring some samples. Rarity gets them sidetracked with sightseeing the Biggest Ball of Yarn; however, the two lose track of time, and the pair then get on the wrong train. They are then sent up to Seaddle, and Rarity decides they should go see a water show, and then the two are going to use a taxi to get back to the train, but their cab gets destroyed by one of the stunts at the show. So the two are forced to run through the rain to an abandoned building, where they steal a plane. They then argue while flying, and they end up crashing into the Equestria version of Mount Rushmore; they then come to a small western town and get a stagecoach across the plains to their destination, only to be chased by a bunch of steers trying to rob them. While Applejack and Rarity argue, they take down the ruffians (while still arguing) and continue along. They finally make it to Applewood and check out Whinnyland (which is basiclly Equestria's version of Disneyland). Then they finally meet Applejack's cousin, who has no idea what Applejack is talking about in regards to a business deal. (The last panel reveals Granny Smith read the letter wrong as it read east coast, not west coast).

What made this comic the best I read was how natural it felt with how Applejack and Rarity played off each other during their adventure. The humor never felt forced, and it was smooth throughout the comic. The art was beautiful, with the Mount Rushmore version of the princesses being rather breathtaking. This was something that could be animated in this style done by Andy Price, as it was that good, and I was laughing at nearly every panel. I highly recommend this one and can't wait to enjoy more of Andy Price's work.

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