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I'm new to writing fan fiction and I'm currently working on my first so hopefully it will all go over well. If you want to know about me or my planed writing just ask.


New story. · 12:01am Mar 7th, 2012

So I've Cancelled Equestria's last hope because it never really took off. I'm starting on a new story and hopefully it turns out better than the last so wish me luck.

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Editor's/pre-readers needed. · 7:54am Feb 5th, 2012

So anypony interested in becoming a editor/pre-reader for story should message me asking. I need 1-2 more and it would be greatly appreciated, so please if any of you out there could be kind enough I would be veeeerrrrryyy thankful. The job may or may not include cookies. I CAN'T PROMISE ANYTHING. But once again, thank you to anypony willing.

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Equestria's Last Hope Update · 5:13am Feb 3rd, 2012

I finally got around to starting my second chapter and its starting to come along pretty well. I thank any of my readers for their patience. Hopefully I will have the next chapter by sometime late next week if not sooner. It all depends on what happens throughout the week and if I get to busy with school and such. So wish me the best in the upcoming week. I openly accept any criticism or just comments. Just bare with me, this is my first FanFic and probably on the list of one of my first

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