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Rarity and her Fabulous Accent · 10:43pm Mar 12th, 2013

Just about a few hours ago, my friend told me he didn't like Rarity. After secretly spitting in his coffee, I amiably asked him to supply a reason. He said it was because her accent sounds too British, and he just doesn't like those type of posh articulations, which was kind of ironic considering using 'posh' is already kind of British but that's not the real issue. The real issue is that apparently his ears don't work for crap. I haven't researched about it, but I'm pretty sure Rarity doesn't

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Iron Mace for Thought and Lessons Learned · 6:31am Feb 23rd, 2013

Warning: Mindless tripe about continuous self-discovery and appreciation for that which has no business being appreciated. Hint: Featured box and its confounding existence.

My second blog post. I'm moving up in the world. Okay, moving up is a misleading verb. More like, tumbling. Downwards. By gravity and its perverse sense of direction.

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Of Two Firsts and Ponies · 12:58am Feb 10th, 2013

Greetings, creatures categorized to the fanfiction subset of the fandom of MLP: FiM.
Warning: Unnecessarily arbitrary self-introduction ahead. Entertainment value near zero. Read at thy own peril.
Commencing alpha blog post in lifelong existence upon planetary habitat designated as Terra Firma. Will cease author persona for occasion deemed of moderate significance. Proceeding.

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