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To me there is humor and seriousness to every action and word said... All that matters is YOUR perspective


Patreon · 6:47pm May 23rd, 2019

Okay guys I have a question for you all... How would you all feel about helping me out by donating to me? Yeah I know it sounds selfish but hear me out. I just received word that someone at my job just got fired and while that's all fine and it WASN'T me it just means I have to work more and I'll have less and less time to write unless I really put a TON of effort in to do so...

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Motivation · 5:47am May 19th, 2019

Okay I'm going to be clear with all of ya... I'm losing motivation right now. Sure, I've been updating and trying to write and continue my other stories. It's not hard to put words to paper but when you sit down and try and find the right words when typing is completely different.

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Theme choice's · 11:52pm May 6th, 2019

Okay So... I'd like you as my readers to decide... Any of you that have read The Changes We All Must Make so far I'd like to ask you all to vote on and or choose a theme song for Zenith.

I have been using these song as a placeholder but i'm torn between 2 right now and they are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttoTFeYqCtg



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Recent Activity · 8:03am May 5th, 2019

Hey all you loyal stalkers!!!

Yeah you heard me. I called ya stalkers, cause that's what ya are for watching me. hehe xd

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I'm BACK · 6:25pm Mar 9th, 2017

Hey all, Silverstream here.

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Laziness and no access. · 11:54pm Jan 14th, 2015

As you all know I haven't been updating as often as usual I am sorry... I just have been a tad bit lazy but the main reason is I've been without CPU access and my phone refuses to save what I've written when I try it gives me this weird pop up window saying some stupid bull about my phone being on a different time or something of the nature. I'll try to update when I can but it may be every once in a while again.

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Temp hiatus... · 11:55pm Apr 8th, 2014

Temp hiatus

I have a temporary case of writers block for this story so.. I'll estimate that by my b-day apr 25th i will have a new chapter done. I really don't want to promise anything because you can't rush good artistic writing it will make the story crumble and no one wants that right? until i get more inspiration i will be trying to fix or continue my other stories. Until then i bid you all good day.

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Book: The Magical Arts of Wishes The fouth is now up and i hope you like it!!! · 11:15pm Mar 20th, 2014

Welp, here we go!!!

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Happy Hearth's Warming everypony! · 2:19pm Dec 25th, 2013

As I said have a very happy Hearth's Warming! Hope ya'll continue to read my storys and enjoy them like I enjoy writing them! Hope ya'll got what you wanted and got that kiss under the mistletoe with your special somepony. :rainbowkiss: Keep on the look out for chapters and the possible new story (Hint Hint Nudge Nudge). I'm bound to write while I'm on break. Enjoy your break too.

To: All those who creep on my page and follow me,
From your encouraged and hopeful writer,

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something i thought of... · 12:09am Dec 15th, 2013

For the soldiers fighting for freedom:
Never forget, and Always respect.
The ones who fight, For us to see the light.
Thank you for your sacrifice, so we can live our lives.
Under pressure? they always are, going far, only for us.
For this, I thank each and every one of you.
Coming to terms with how much we owe you,
We can't begin to repay, for the many or few,
We are defenseless without those of bravery,
Please, continue to protect the weak and frail.

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