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If you ever feel that your stories are silly and will never amount to anything, remember that Friendship is Magic is Lauren Fausts Fan Fiction of the original my little pony.


Oh god I'm sorry · 11:28pm Apr 5th, 2016

So...my bad. I am lazy! I have no excuses! It's coming up on a year since the last update....I swear I haven't forgotten! I'm just really busy. Not busy enough that I can't be writing something though. I should have had another chapter out by now. I'll get to it guys. I can't give a date but I just want anyone following to know, I'm still around, I'm still gonna write this! I just need to get to it.

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Anyone played Undertale? · 5:39am Dec 11th, 2015

I have. Great game. You know what I realized today about it though? Alphys is very similar to Rise N' Shine. They're both introverted, over weight, yellow scientists with stutters (Rise N' Shine's is much more severe) Idk. I couldn't help but notice that as I played the game. Thought it was neat :derpytongue2:

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Working hard! Not dead · 6:24am Dec 10th, 2015

Writing has been INCREDIBLY difficult lately and the past few months have been totally nuts for me. But the story isn't dead. I'm working on it. Slowly but surely. Hopefully will have the next chapter out this year. I'm planning on it! And then maybe I'll be able to get chapters cranking out on a monthly basis! That's my goal at least. We shall see what happens :twilightsmile:

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New laptop, new ideas · 3:44am Oct 27th, 2015

So my old laptop made it very difficult to write. That situation has been remedied. So the next chapter of Dirty Deeds is underway again.That being said, I also have a new idea rumbling around in my noggin that I might make a reality here soon. We shall see what the future holds.

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I live...ish · 1:22am Oct 17th, 2015

I haven't posted an update in a while.
The next chapter is coming along very slow for 3 reasons: 1. I had to re plan a lot of the story because I decided the end is going to be different than I originally planned 2. I've been depressed lately and that makes it hard to write :/ 3. Biggest reason, my computer is giving me a lot of greif. I need a new one but its taking a while to save up money. I'm gonna get back in the swing of things as soon as I can.

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Heavy edits · 12:12am Sep 22nd, 2015

So I've decided that rather than un-publish and revise the whole story I'm just gonna go through and do some heavy edits. I'll make a list of every edit I do and then post a blog post that includes them. I'll also include a link to that blog in an authors note at the beginning of chapter 8 when I post it for all the people who don't read my blog posts. Which is like most of the people following the story haha. Alrighty then. I'll get to work on chapter 8 and try and have that ready soon.

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I want to re-write Dirty Deeds...but I also really don't · 10:34pm Sep 21st, 2015

I'm very passionate about my story. It's the first thing that I've ever really put this kind of effort into and I'm really happy about the overall response to the story. That being said, there are certain things I go back and read and I'm like..."I can do so much better." Like, I feel like my writing ability has grown exponentially since I first started writing this and I could do and add so much to it to make it much better than it is. But at the same time...I don't want to put all that effort

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Where's my mojo? · 4:26pm Sep 13th, 2015

My motivation for writing is inexplicably absent lately. Super sucks. Hopefully comes back soon. I want to have Dirty Deeds finished before people stop caring about FoE haha

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News · 10:43pm Sep 2nd, 2015

Wicked as Syn is on hiatus for now. I need to focus 100% on Dirty Deeds. For some reason I don't feel good about the story lately. Can't stand my own writing style ya know? Also feel like I rushed some things and dug myself into a hole I don't know how to dig my way out of. I'll figure it out but it's gonna take some effort. Hopefully I stop feeling this way soon 'cuz it's not fun :applejackunsure:

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Chapter 7 rewrite finished · 2:31am Aug 31st, 2015

I changed my mind about an important plot point and ended up re-writing a major part of chapter 7. basically everything to do with the mysterious book Sortilege finds has been changed so I highly recommend going back and reading that section.

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