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Not all bronies listen to dub-step... right? · 8:36pm Sep 6th, 2013

Please tell me not all bronies just listen to dub-step? It's not a bad genre, it's just all the bronies I know only listen to poppy techno stuff. There has got to be bronies out there that are into other genres, hope so. Can be reggae, hip hop, to country and punk. Let me know what you listen to? favorite bands or artist anyone?

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Skramz/Punk/Real Emo · 6:38pm Mar 1st, 2013

Is there any brony out there who is into skramz/emotive music? For those that don't know what skramz is, It's another word for screamo music or in other words real emo/screamo music. The branch off of hardcore punk and indie. It's very (DIY) and sticks to punk. None of that scene kid Alesana stuff. (No offense!) Not trying to bash on any bands. I like some of those band too.


Skramz: Pg.99, Circle Takes The Square, Rites Of Spring, I Hate Myself

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