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EVERYONE READ! · 7:06am Sep 28th, 2012

No, I'm not dead.
Yes, I'm still a Brony.
Yes, I still have interest in writing.
The one thing I don't have now is Time.

Yeah, so I've moved to a brand new school in my final year of school, so I have to catch up on a lot of last year's work.
When I get some free time I will continue writing, but for now, education is more important.


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I'm sorry, guys. · 8:49pm Jun 29th, 2012

Production of my current story is nowhere near complete. Being totally honest, I've barely started it, but yeh. I'm sorry.

I would be lying if I were to say I've been fighting exam stress, because I'm not.
I'm fighting myself.

My mind is telling me to do some rather sadistic things, but the one thing stopping me from acting is determination.
Moving on from that, I also have a very large chance of having the disease "drummer's leg"
(Yes, I drum.)

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Guess what I'm doing tomorrow. · 5:49pm May 23rd, 2012



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Finished my biology exam! · 10:06am May 15th, 2012

Just came out, it went really well! This one was a retake, because I got a D before, but I definately did better!
My final exam until June/July is on the 24th, so expect an update by the 31st/1st


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Something that I regret to inform you. · 10:32am May 5th, 2012

You may not already know that I'm still in education and that, sadly, it's exam time. I discovered very recently that I have exams starting in just over a week. I have not revised anything.
I have 5 exams to complete. Maths, English, Science (Biology and Physics) and French.
This time, the penny really has dropped with a clang.

Because if this, my story, "Years of Negativity, A new life of freedom" will be on hold until, more than likely, the end of this month.

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News on my fan fiction, chapter 3 · 7:44pm Apr 23rd, 2012

To anyone who reads this, IF anyone reads this that is, chapter 3 will be delivered either later tonight (00:30AM GMT 24/4/12 at the latest)
Or, it will be on tomorrow, (00:30AM GMT 25/4/12 at the latest)

Please rest assure, this chapter is longer than the others, since I am now writing the main story, and I have introduced a new character! :3
Love you ALL (Since every view, favourite, comment and like means the world to me, quite literally! )

-DerpyHooves MLP

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