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Juggling · 2:00am Jun 1st, 2013

As the title of the blog suggests, I'm working on a couple stories at once. The first is the story for this site, while the other is my How to Train Your Dragon fic over on fanfiction.net which I haven't updated for too long. I'm making progress on both, so expect something soon.

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Delays No Longer! · 5:22pm May 7th, 2013

Semester's finally done, and with it, my finals! Now lets see if I can actually write something without my academic future hanging over my head for the next few months!

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More Delays · 9:55pm Apr 25th, 2013

To everyone who favorited Mass Effect: Unforeseen Variables, I'm sorry to report more delays. Due to a combination of quizzes, tests, projects and finals over this week and the next couple, I'm not going to be getting much writing done. Sorry to all of you who were looking forward to another chapter soon, but academics takes preference over creative pursuits.

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School, Destroyer of the Creative Process · 6:36pm Apr 10th, 2013

So yeah, I was hoping to have Chapter 2 of Unforeseen Variables out last weekend, but had to put that on hold due to a Biology quiz on Monday. I figured that I would be able to post it this weekend instead, but NOPE! Now my professor has moved the quiz to next Monday with a full-blown test on Wednesday of the same week.

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Look at that! I'm actually a contributor now! · 5:35am Apr 2nd, 2013

Well, it's finally done. After another four months of adding and deleting content and quadruple-checking my work, I've finally made my first story submission! If I had fanfare cues on hand, I'd insert them right now.

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