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Update · 9:54pm Jan 27th, 2013

Hello, any readers I still have here! Sorry for making you wait so long for that chapter, I was pretty lazy about formatting and posting it here.

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Housekeeping · 8:51pm Jan 1st, 2013

The more observant among my readers may notice a recent subtle change or two. I'd just like to reassure you all that I would never, ever write explicit sexual content involving ponies, and if anybody thought they read anything like that in my story previously, they definitely must have been mixing me up with someone else. Someone perverted and totally reprehensible, probably.

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Current Status · 9:25pm Dec 3rd, 2012

Just to make the situation clear to anybody who's wondering: I have about another 8-10 thousand words of Planescape: Equestria already written, it just needs un-greentexting before posting here. I'll do that within the next couple of days, but my life is pretty shambolic right now and actual writing comes first, obviously. From next weekend I'm expecting things to calm down a bit (I'll be moving into a new place closer to work; right I'm living on my friend's couch and doing a 3 hour round

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