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I come to you, hat in hand... · 3:37am Nov 14th, 2013

I've changed my mind; I will keep the "Nopony Dies" arc around as long as I do "Everypony Dies"; the future beyond that is unclear.

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I'm back! And I bring news! · 11:23pm Nov 13th, 2013

Greetings, all! Sending this out to let people know I'm not dead and I haven't left the fandom. The issue I'm finding is one of motivation and inspiration. So for now I'm suspending the "Nopony Dies" arc of "Depression is Tragic" and going ahead full steam with the "Everypony Dies" Arc. Hopefully I will also post the beginnings of a new fic soon.


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Mark 2 · 11:19am Mar 23rd, 2013

Hello all. Had a couple new see story ideas that attempt to take on the difficult subject of marklore (study of cutie marks.) Also I'm still alive.

Jack - A new colt arrives in Ponyville, fully mature, completely competent, and utterly blank-flanked.

Crisis - What happens when you no longer agree with what your cutie mark is telling you?

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OMG I FIGURED SOMETHING OUT · 9:43pm Jan 12th, 2013

I believe that I have figured out an acceptable genealogy for the Canterlot courts. This will figure in a reconfigured version of "The Once and Future King."

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What's new? · 12:53am Sep 19th, 2012

Hello everyone! I have put "Depression is Tragic" on hiatus until I can repair my computer. Meanwhile, I have come up with new ideas to explore in other stories, which, after finishing DIT (probably not for a while, at least), will comprise future projects. Read, if you so desire. As always, share and enjoy. :twilightsmile:

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Still on my first story... · 9:00pm Jan 10th, 2012

OK, I just posted the 3rd chapter to "Depression is Tragic". From here in, titles of chapters for a particular path of the story will be preceded by "Everypony Dies" for the grimdark path, or "Nopony Dies" for the happier version.

Share and Enjoy ^_^


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On my first story... · 1:32am Jan 5th, 2012

I'll be posting the first chapter of my first ever FiMfic later this evening! /)^3^(\ I plan on writing 2 paths for this story because both versions of the story worked out equally well in my head. Any way, the first version, entitled "Everypony Dies", will be (obviously) grimdark and rather depressing; the second version, which I have yet to name, will be considerably less so, although I imagine it will still be pretty sad. It doesn't really matter at this point, though, because the stories

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