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Bye · 10:32pm Sep 1st, 2015

I'm gone.

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Small blurb · 12:54am Jul 21st, 2014

Nothing terribly pressing, but i haven't written in over a year, this being due to so much crap happening there is no way i could post it all here, and i don't want to anyway xD However, good news, I am writing again. We will see how long that lasts. It might be only today, or I might manage to push out chapter two; we'll see.
Regardless, i thought it was worth mentioning.


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An update! Finally! · 11:51pm Mar 5th, 2013

Whelp. I haven't been on Fimfiction in a while! Nice to be back ^_^

The jist of my update is as follows:
I am in the process of writing my first fan fic.
It is in it's second chapter and I am pleased so far.

Also, to my few friends, I am not going to post it until it is either completely done or 95 percent done. That being said, I am finally getting off of my lazy arse and doing a good bit of writing. I have done more in the last two weeks than I had in the past 4 months.

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Update · 7:01pm Nov 30th, 2012

For all the wonderful people that AREN'T following me, I have some updates. They are as follows.

-The first chapter is going to be delayed for at least another week.
- The main reason for this is because I only write when I am in a sad mood (at least for this Fic.) Also, I am going over to a friends house this weekend and my grandmother is coming over to mine next weekend, which will only cut down on the amount of writing I will be able to do.

-It is NOT a freakin' HiE!

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