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    Your welcome, I have enjoyed it so far and thought that it would be nice if I could always be able to reread it if I even feel like it.

    It is rather enjoyable and the idea of many alternate dimension is an appealing idea to me.

    Thank you kindly for the fav on A Bushel of Apples.

    Yep, I really enjoyed the books, I own all three and two of them are hard backs.

    Plus I really liked the concept of a creature that is both monster and human, it isn't original but I like the concept because the books portray both humans and monsters as being both evil and good.

    Wait a minute... Your name...:rainbowhuh:
    Monster Blood Tattoo?:pinkiegasp:


    Yeah, I need to get around to write more of it. :twilightoops:

    • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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