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Now Printing FoE: Murky Number Seven! · 8:38am Sep 29th, 2018

Do you have depression? Do you want depression? Well do I have a story for you!

As told by someone on our discord server who likes eggplants:

Imagine it's noon and you're hungry
you go to a restaurant
you order something to eat
five minute later a server arrive and give your command
but before you taste it , he take it back for some reason
you're still hungry
10 minutes later, the server arrive with a bigger plate than the precedent and put it in front of you

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We're printing Duck and Cover! · 1:48am Apr 4th, 2018

Who's excited for the best Fallout Equestria side story out there? I am, that's who! And you should be too!

Anyway, I realized I should probably post a blag here now that I'm basically horse-famous with 14 followers. (That's like a 350% increase from my last blag post!) If you manage to follow me, but somehow don't check the website / discord server / etc., here's the skinny:

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To my four fantastic followers: · 5:35pm Dec 25th, 2016

Third printing is happening. Check out the website for the details.

Merry Christmas!

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