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A Thousand Years Ago, before Starswirl the Bearded & the Pillars had vanished with the Pony of Shadows. The greatest unicorn had made many predictions about the fourth generation of Equestria. So in a very desperate move, Starswirl had chosen me to help him protect Equestria. My name is Caizo Haze (Kaizo Haze), and for thousands of years, I have protected Equestria from multiple evil threats, that nearly almost turned Equestria upside down. I had help from many different friends, and my brother, Tech Wire.

My brother, Tech Wire, has a battle of his own, and he has to fight his best friend who was driven by madness and revenge. My brother's friend and mortal nemesis, Gransion. Against all of his logic, my brother, Tech Wire, had gotten help from me, his friends, our father, Technic Cell, and our mother, Love Wire.

But now, things are going to change. From my past and from the future, the same multiple evils that I have faced thousands of years ago, are emerging in different locations of the present days of Equestria. And all they are is hiding in the shadows, manipulating other villains, and they are patiently waiting to strike. It's now up to me to stop them all or die trying.

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A blizzard has struck Ponyville and A changeling is walking through it alone. When the Changeling falls onto the ground, getting covered by the white flakes falling from a sky he thinks his life is over. But somepony helps the Changeling and something blooms between the pony and Changeling on Heart's Warming Eve. Sometimes love is found during a holiday.

This is for the Changeling Fic contest held by The Loveless.
This is my first holiday fanfic.

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Dustin is an earth stallion working in the fields. One day while working a storm hits and he runs on home. Then with a lightning storm, something falls out of the sky. Dustin then leaves his home and decides to investigate what has fallen. When he reaches the place, he discovers a pegasi mare.

This story is based off an image I found on Devianart.com. The owner, cheyonesock gets all the credit for the pic, the characters, and the story. Thanks for the image. Her characters Dustin and Mist belong to her.

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