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Free Idea about Daemons for fic · 3:41pm Sep 24th, 2018

The term daemon speak of a non corporal entity tied to an element or concept. Those include:
-Discord who in a stroke of genius tied himself to Chaos.
-The timberwolves who tied themselves to dead wood and are driven mad by the rotting of their chosen flesh.
-Djinn who entered vessel in the possession of someone and are therefore bound to grant wishes to the possessor until the vessel is destroyed.
-Homonculus who are summoned for a long period so are given material to craft a body.

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Mon nom · 8:30am Apr 12th, 2017

Mon premier prenom l'indique un besoin de support comme un cavalier attaché emotionellement à son destrier.
Mon second prenom parle d'un long voyage.
Mon premier nom de famille parle de préparation achevé.
Pour finir mon deuxième nom de famille évoque un outil de creusage.
J'aime à penser que cella signifie que pour être pret à me remetre en selle je dois faire un long voyage intérieur avec une aide extérieure.

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Theory CONFIRMED (more or less) · 6:59pm Sep 30th, 2016

You know in my last blog I said something about a sinkhole? well now here more elaboration. The tree of harmony is growing IN the hole! While the elements are inert in equestria the are active on the other side. In my headcannon it was active for the last 250 years (1 year human side equal 4 in equestria) barring the summer before Sunset stole the crown (the year between Nightmare Moon's return and the plunder vine incident.) then when Princess Twilight gave back the elements to the tree the

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Equestria natural magic leakage ? · 8:21am Jul 26th, 2016

Just seen the promo of the next MLP:EG. Here is my theory. Everfree forest on the equestrian side has a theluric sink hole that suck a bit of magic out of Equestria. Resulting in a more earth like ecosystem. Throw in some chaos magic gorged plunder vines and you got a spooky forest (note that it got a bit less spooky since the vine removal) . Now on the human side of things you got a leak of tainted magic (explaining why the sirens didn't try and consume it) that created a mad forest spirit.


That baby will live forever · 7:28pm Mar 12th, 2016

Hasbro said on the subject of Twilight and Cadance who accended that they are a different type of alicorn then Celestia and Luna who where born that way. Now Flurry Heart IS by Hasbro's logic an immortal alicorn like the sun goddess. They just had to make the baby an alicorn. Now you may "and the part about being an immortal?" ah well it's the eyes. All the other babies we've seen so far had simple one color eyes. She has eyes of a child much older. Now if all the babies portrailed from now on

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for continuity sake · 1:12pm Dec 17th, 2014

1-Celestia and Luna became alicorns the same way Twilight did, using the elements

2-let say using it in pair or less automaticly boost you to Alicornhood. (and it also explain why celestia is the bigger one because she used them alone once)

3-Celestia and Luna gained dominion over the sun and moon after Discord rule over Equestria.

4-there are more then one Starswirl the bearded

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My chronology of MLP fim on the span of a bit more than a year · 9:02am Oct 9th, 2014


- grifon the brush off

- bridle gossip

- Boast Busters

- applebuck season

- sonic rainboom

- Look before you sleep

- Putting Your Hoof Down

- dragonshy

- Ticket Master

- feeling pinkie keen

- Lesson Zero


- over a barrel

- Sisterhooves Social

- call of the cutie & green isn't you color

- suited for success

- The Cutie Pox

- The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

- One Bad Apple

- swarm of the century

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