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Somepony Just Made My Day... · 9:55pm Feb 1st, 2013

So, Someone Is Watching Me, Before I Even Finish My Fic... Wow... I Just Might Grant Them Access To Read As I Write, And, Random Person, Thank You, You Just Made My Day :)

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Someone Actually Cares... · 3:30pm Jan 27th, 2013

So, I Read An Amazing Fic Yesterday, Made A Comment, Went To Bed, I Awoke, Hopped On The Laptop, And Was Surprised By The Exclamation Point On Fimfiction, Said Author Commented Back, I Completely Trashed The Fics I Was Working On, Ashes Fell To Dust, But, After What He Told Me, I Think Im Going To Bring Them Back To Life, And, I Think I Finally Realized Something, Me, Nor Any Other Author, Can Be Emotionally Satisfied By Their Own Piece, And, Being The Nerdy Nut Job I Am, Am Gonna Attempt To

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Writing... · 6:49am Dec 22nd, 2012

So... All my collab partners gave up and left me, and, since recently, I've been thinking about some things, all I can think to write of, is sad depressing things, hope ya don't mind, and my first chapter of soarburn might be out soon, I've scrapped so many things though... Well, leave your thoughts below, if any one actually reads this, and, feel free to ask what it is ive been thinking of, it involves love, and friendship... I'm sure noone cares about my sadness and regrets though anyway...

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My First 2 Fics UnderWay, They Are A Collab Tho · 10:07am Nov 26th, 2012

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