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I'm a gamer turned Brony and I couldn't be happier about it! I love helping others make their works better (even though I can never seem to get any of my stuff off the ground).


My thoughts on the 3 spoilers from Comic con · 10:11am Jul 15th, 2012

1st line... "Princess Cadence needs our help, her magic will not last forever."
Her main spell is the love spell, which was used to end an argument in pt1 of the wedding episode. With that fact, plus the music line, it can be perceived that Cadence is in the Crystal Kingdom, using her magic to prevent fighting.

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All my stories are gone! O.o · 10:04am Jun 6th, 2012

Yep, I decided that I just needed a clean slate. If I ever come up with enough to finish one of my stories, I'll do a mass re-submission.

But I have got an Idea that I took from Playing the Silver Strings.

Not gonna say much, but here's a slight hint ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fya-4TbURNc

and yes that is a real hint :D

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Finals Week · 1:11am May 7th, 2012

Hey there everybody! Just wanted to say a couple things.
1st. Thanks to everyone that liked and Favorited my most recent story, Playing the Silver Strings, and that a new chapter will be up as soon as possible.

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Under-confidence · 4:54pm Dec 29th, 2011

Hey there everypony! I know that I'm new here and that no one will probably read this for a while, but it feels good to just type sometimes. It's just that I'm still relatively new to the brony world, and even newer to the fanfic world. I'm just extremely nervous that my fics won't be any good. I haven't challenged myself to write anything since 4 years ago. I was getting in a writing binge and had plenty of people around to be my grammar troll's. I had hoped to finish my novella in time for

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